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How AI Can Help Medical Science Liaisons Juggle Their Ever-Growing Responsibilities


Traditionally, Medical Affairs has focused on cross-functional collaboration with commercial and R&D teams, medical communication, evidence generation, and dissemination. They are no longer “just” educating and informing doctors but helping to accelerate medical science innovation.

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The Role of Medical Science Liaisons in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Contrarian Sales Techniques

Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) in the pharmaceutical industry ? MSLs are considered the experts in scientific and medical information and they are responsible for building relationships with healthcare professionals.


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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative VS. Medical Science Liaison

Pharmaceutical Representative Training

While the sales force is still a crucial part of any pharmaceutical company, the demand for Medical Affairs teams continue to rise. How are sales reps and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) the same? The post Pharmaceutical Sales Representative VS. Medical Science Liaison appeared first on Pharma Sales Training.

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Can Medical Science Liaisons Improve Pharma Sales Effectiveness?


Medical Sales Reps have been on the scene since the year dot. The post Can Medical Science Liaisons Improve Pharma Sales Effectiveness? appeared first on REVO.

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TriNet Pharma Highlights the Rise of the Medical Science Liaison and Honors Legacy of Its Founder [Sponsored]

MedCity News

As pharmaceutical reps are used less and less, the role of the MSL has become more prominent as a conduit between life sciences companies and external stakeholders for drug development.

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Henrietta Lacks’ immortal cells put biopharma profits under a microscope


The HeLa cell line’s contributions to medical science were obtained without permission, and now biotechs profiting from its use are answering for it.

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Agents of change: How the Gen Z medical science liaison will transform healthcare

MedCity News

Gen Z is the most diverse, digitally-proficient generation yet. Gen Z MSLs have the skills and power to change the future of healthcare by using technology to redefine who KOLs are, how they are engaged, and ultimately, how clinical trials are run – and with it the potential to make health equity a reality.