Industry 1VQ Solutions: Change in Size of Thermal Shipping Solution Used for Transport of Product


A Post Approval Change (PAC) in size of thermal shipping solution used for transport of product is considered a low risk provided it has been qualified and temperature monitored, and therefore can be downgraded from a prior approval to a notification to health authorities, and managed in the PQS with immediate implementation effect.

Study: 88.9% of US Population Lives Within 5 Miles of a Community Pharmacy

Pharmacy Times

Driving distance is not a predictor of accessibility for those who do not have a car or access to public transportation, investigators say.

Improving Transplant Survival with Organ Preservation Tech: Interview with Dr. Anderson, CEO of Paragonix


Paragonix Technologies , a medtech company based in Massachusetts, created the SherpaPak, an FDA organ transportation device that is intended to keep donor organs safe and viable on their journey to a transplant recipient.

Deccan Fine Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd-(100 Openings) Walk-In Drive for Freshers On 27th Aug’ 2022

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Benefits: Free Transportation from Company to Tuni & Subsidized food in Company. Other Benefits: Free Transportation , subsidized canteen facility at factory and subsidized accommodation (Rs. Deccan Fine Chemicals (India) Pvt.

GSK requires supplier sustainability compliance from 2023

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Under the Sustainable Procurement Programme, every aspect of the supply chain is required to take action on carbon, power , heat, transport, water, waste, and sustainable and deforestation-free sourcing of materials. In addition, transport suppliers must have green transport solutions.

Soft Robot Biodegrades Inside Body


They include an insect-like claw that can grab and transport objects. Study in ACS Applied Polymer Materials : Soft Tunable Gelatin Robot with Insect-like Claw for Grasping, Transportation, and Delivery.

Optical Tweezers Turn Neutrophils into Microrobots


These included picking up and transporting nanoparticles, leaving the vasculature and entering nearby tissues, and engulfing cellular debris.

How to make a city more liveable [Podcast]


Recent data from the automotive industry shows that road vehicles account for a significant majority (74.5%) of the transport sector’s CO2 emissions and 15% of total CO2 emissions. Traffic prioritization, for example, for public transportation.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.-Walk-In Interviews for Walk-In Interviews On 14th July 2022

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Benefits: Subsidized canteen and transportation facility during apprenticeship time. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.-Walk-In Walk-In Interviews for Walk-In Interviews On 14th July 2022. Job Description. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

Episode 70 – In the C-Suite with Patricia Zilliox, CEO, Eyevensys

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What I find fascinating is the fact that they do not use a virus to transport the therapy. What I find fascinating is the fact that they do not use a virus to transport the therapy. Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes.

The financial toxicity of treating cancer

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transportation), and indirect expenses (e.g., (Stat News) Today, a study followed 380 patients being treated at community oncology groups across the U.S. after they were diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer.

“Patients are only numbers on an Excel spreadsheet”

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As a former Air Force EMT, I knew that a massive part of helping victims was reassuring them that they would be OK as we treated and transported them. LEAD-IN: Yesterday I had a long talk with someone who has been in the industry for over 25 years.

What factors are driving life sciences FDI in 2022?

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Domestic market and transportation infrastructure. To transport products domestically and internationally, a well-functioning network of transportation infrastructure including roads, airports, and railroads is an essential requirement.

Point of Care Rapid PCR Test


Our aim was to create a platform that can be used in locations where rapid turnaround results are critical, at pharmacies, transportation hubs, public events, and at companies screening employees coming back to work,” said Sam Sia, a researcher involved in the study.

Entrance of novel therapies will drive Niemann-Pick type C disease market growth

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NPC is a rare inherited disease resulting from the body's inability to conduct intracellular transport of cholesterol and other lipids, leading to the abnormal accumulation of these substances in various bodily tissues, including brain tissue.

When it comes to telehealth it’s not numbers

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Still, they are more likely to continue use because of complex medical conditions or a nonclinical factor such as lack of transportation” OK, so where to start…First, let’s ask a fundamental question “why are people using telehealth?

Leading retail pharmacies in pharma

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Integrating AI into the operations of retail pharmacies helps in improving the decision-making process, order fulfilment, demand forecasting, and monitoring of the transportation and storage environment.

Cell and gene therapies: why advanced medicines call for specialised logistics

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We pride ourselves on developing global transport solutions that mitigate risks and deliver real-time supply chain tracking and visibility. But getting these drugs to patients requires risky transportation, and safety and success hinges on reliable, temperature-controlled logistics.

Sustainable Construction Innovation, Does it matter?

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8th September 2022 2 Minutes The transport construction industry has significant opportunities to reduce carbon by developing materials with lower embedded carbon.

6 Ways to Ensure Your Marketing Gets in Front of Generation Z


Physical ads on public transportation, TV ad slots, and print ads in magazines will still reach Gen Zers, as long as they are eye-catching, relevant, and concise.

Leading pharmaceutical wholesalers

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Pharmaceutical wholesalers act as intermediaries between pharmaceutical manufacturers and retailers and facilitate the delivery of the right medicines in a timely, efficient, and secure manner.

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AR Headset Helps Surgeons Place Implants: Interview with Louie Vogt of Enovis Surgical


Finally, as more surgeons start to operate out of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and hospitals, ARVIS can be easily transported between sites, adding flexibility and increasing patient access to this technology.

Building a global supply chain network for clinical trial products

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It's not only having nodes throughout but also the right transport partners, the appropriate shipping solutions to maintain temperature control, and secure in-country storage facilities with reliable personnel.

Gemini enters business combination deal with Disc Medicine

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A GlyT1 glycine transporter inhibitor, bitopertin showed effects on heme biosynthesis in clinical trials. Gemini Therapeutics has signed a definitive agreement to merge with Disc Medicine in an all-stock deal to create a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company.

Tristan Hollis

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I have a professional background in asset management, multi-disciplinary engineering and construction (including management leadership), across the Transport, Utilities and Financial Services sectors. Senior Consultant Contact me. +44 44 (0)2074092857.

ESG Top Trends: Healthcare ESG Impact

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While the ongoing war is mainly limited to Ukraine and Russia, it has led to disruptions in the supply of medicines, devices, and services to these countries, mainly due to the displacement of residents, transportation disruptions, and infrastructure damage.

NHS England trials first medicine deliveries by drone

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The pilot is focusing on cancer drugs as these can be difficult to transport, as doses have a short shelf life. Cancer drugs will be flown from a facility in Portsmouth to a hospital on the Isle of Wight by drone, in the first pilot study of the technology by NHS England.

Flow cytometry: advantages in immunotherapy clinical trials

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To ensure samples arrive at the lab intact, robust sample transportation and global logistics are critical. More than three decades ago, scientists at the National Cancer Institute began exploring ways to fight cancer using the patient’s immune system.

Advancing Health Equity with Data & Analytics: A Q&A with Anikia Nelson, MD

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That could look like providing greater access to telehealth or remote monitoring or softening your no-show policies, so you accommodate people who have transportation issues or who struggle to get time off work to travel across town for an appointment.

How Berlinger’s climate-focused innovation is helping to reduce, remove and offset emissions from the pharmaceutical supply

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Whether through its R&D activities, production, transport, logistics or other supply chain operations, there are many stages at which carbon emissions are generated in the pharmaceutical sector. There is no getting away from the need for action on the climate crisis.

Readjusting the Life Sciences Industry’s Approach to Improving Adherence


Part of this effort must include a consideration of social determinants of health (SDoH)—food, housing, transportation, access to care, etc.”. Addressing the issue of medication adherence begins before a patient even fills their first prescription.

Nanorobots: small solutions to big delivery problems

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The idea here was that the bacteria would be a transport system, which would be able to move to the tumor and deliver the drug locally, thereby reducing side effects, explains Martel.

Climate innovation through an IP lens


So, it’s exciting to know that innovators around the world are developing fascinating solutions to reduce humanity’s carbon emissions across a broad spectrum of technologies and economic sectors – from transport to buildings to energy to the food chain.

Pharma’s path to Net Zero


Novo Nordisk, for example, has committed to reaching net zero by 2045 , with an interim target of zero CO2 emissions from operations and transport by 2030.

And so pharma profiteers again

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8 spot ahead of industries such as retail, transportation, and media, and entertainment. QUICK READ: Pfizer has already announced a price increase to the EU for their Covid Vaccine.

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Xenco Medical Expands its Ambulatory Surgery Center Device Portfolio with FDA Clearance and Launch of its Multilevel CerviKit

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Designed to be easily transportable, each Xenco Medical spinal system has been designed for both surgical performance and logistical efficiency.

Preventing the next pandemic: Infrastructure and global equity

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One of the major problem facing low-income countries is having the healthcare infrastructure capable of storing, transporting, and then delivering the available vaccines.

Study exposes lack of diversity in US cancer trials

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Among the obstacles to greater inclusivity are mistrust of the clinical research system due to historical abuses, said the agency, a lack of effort to include some racial and ethnic groups in studies, as well as issues with access such as transportation or the location of investigator sites.

MedWand Solutions Receives FDA 510k Clearance

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MedWand Remote Clinic – Designed for remote / regional clinics, transport, and industrial application. MedWand Solutions, Inc.

Get Directions And Drive With Moovit

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Peter Pan Bus Lines were revived at a reduced level in 2015 as part of the city's public transport redesign. The app uses your location to give you information about docked buses, trains, bike rental systems, and other transportation options.