PBMs and insurers want your prescription money

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For many, these coupons represent the difference between filling a prescription and going without lifesaving care, but there is a lot more here than just a co-pay coupon. When folks can’t afford their out-of-pocket prescription costs, many skip doses–and get sicker.

Prescription drug marketing misconceptions

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Another TED talk on the evils of prescription drug marketing was filled with misinformation as usual. The disconnect between consumers and prescription drug marketing has grown quite a bit. The post Prescription drug marketing misconceptions appeared first on World of DTC Marketing.com.

Social media and prescription drugs: A study

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QUICK READ: A two-month analysis of social media and prescription drugs found the number one reason online health seekers use social media is to share and ask questions about medication side effects. The post <strong>Social media and prescription drugs:</strong> A study.

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Can Amazon.com sell prescription drugs?

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The news this week that Amazon.com is getting into the prescription drug business sent stocks of retail pharmacies down but questions sell remain. This week, Amazon’s news that they are finally leaping into the prescription drug business was not a shock.

Prescription drug prices are out of cotrol

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This includes about one in five who report that they have not filled a prescription or took an over-the counter drug instead, and about one in ten who say they have cut pills in half or skipped a dose. Anyone who’s filled a prescription lately knows drug prices are out of control.

Medicare prescription drug plan is a good first step

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The Medicare prescription drug pricing plan Democrats unveiled is not nearly as ambitious as many lawmakers sought, but they and drug policy experts say the provisions crack open the door to reforms that could have dramatic effects.

Dr. B secures $8M to expand new telehealth service for prescription medications

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Currently, it only offers prescriptions for Covid-19 antivirals. Consumer / Employer Daily Health Tech SYN Top Story COVID-19 Dr. B prescriptionThe company, created by the founder of Zocdoc, is focused on providing low-cost and sometimes no-cost care.

Stanford study: 30% of opioid-naive Medicaid patients develop a dependency after prescription

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A new Stanford study revealed that among Medicaid patients who had never taken an opioid, 30% developed an opioid dependency following their first prescription.

Study: Programs to Limit Prescription Opioids May Spur Illegal Drug Use

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Prescription drug monitoring programs have decreased prescription opioids in the United States but resulted in unintended spikes of illegal drug use and heroin-related deaths.

New Prescription Migraine Drugs Aren’t Resonating with Patients—Here’s How Pharma Can Boost Uptake


As a top patient resource for trusted information, it’s essential that doctors are made aware of the range of prescription migraine therapies and encouraged to recommend them to their patients.

When Will Payers Improve Coverage of Prescription Digital Therapeutics?


New MMIT research highlights payers’ continued hesitancy toward PDTs. Here’s what manufacturers need to know.

The First Prescription Digital Therapeutic for Anxiety & Depression

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Happify Health launched Ensemble, the first and only transdiagnostic prescription digital therapeutic for the treatment of patients who have Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Community Pharmacists Struggle to Fill Prescriptions, Open Positions

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In a recent survey, community pharmacists discussed current hardships in the industry, which include low supply, increasing costs, and trouble filling necessary positions.

Study Finds Non-Opioid Pain Prescriptions Increased Following 2016 CDC Guideline

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The increase in prescriptions for non-opioid pain medications coincided with a significant drop in opioid prescribing over the same period.

Pharmacist-Based Deprescribing Reduced Prescription, Cumulative Use of High-Risk Drugs in Older Adults

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Two pharmacist-based deprescribing models reduced the use and prescription of anticholinergics, a high-risk drug in older adults, providing evidence for the use of pharmacists is practitioners of deprescribing.

More Than Prescriptions: What Beginning Pharmacists Need to Know About Business

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Pharmacists should get involved in all the various aspects of their business and with the different professional groups available.

Study: High School Seniors Playing Contact Sports Are 50% More Likely to Misuse Prescription Stimulants in the Future

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High school seniors who played contact sports appeared to be the most likely to abuse prescription stimulants during school, and up to 10 years after graduating.

The fairytale of DTC TV ads

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Using the same ads to advertise prescription drugs repeatedly is a waste of money and doesn’t lead to sales. A Prevention Magazine study dated had prescription DTC ads as being 7% effective in driving new Rx’s.

Dexcom ONE glucose monitoring system available on prescription

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System improves management for people with diabetes by offering finger prick-free monitoring

Opioid Prescriptions for US Patients With Cancer, Non-Cancer Pain Falls, Study Results Show

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Analysis looks at those with arthritis, chronic pain, headaches, lower back pain, and neuropathic pain between 2012 and 2019.

The debate on DTC marketing is going to heat up again

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SUMMARY: DTC marketing is not the reason why prescription drugs cost so much. Here are some myths around DTC marketing: 1ne: DTC ads result in patients asking for prescriptions they don’t need. 2wo: DTC marketing is one of the reasons prescription drugs cost so much.

Patients Are 'Not Just a Prescription Number' for Pharmacists

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CS Family Pharmacy has migrated to a combo-type pharmacy, integrating long term care.

AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy Reduces Annual Patient Prescription Costs by $6 Million

Pharmacy Times

AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy launched clinical audit programs to prevent waste, improve adherence, reduce spend, and provide outcomes data.

Uniqueness if pharma DTC

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Pharma is different in many ways, but treating prescription drugs as “just another product” for TV is a waste of money. As I See It DTC Spending Prescription drug DTC marketing DTC Marketing

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Insurer Tools to Save Seniors Money on Prescription Drugs Could Put Them at Higher Risk of Stroke

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Insurer and pharmacy benefit manager policies used to cut the cost of drugs could be so time consuming that they could put newly diagnosed atrial fibrillation patients at risk of stroke.

A realistic view of healthcare in 2022

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1ne: The value proposition of prescription drugs still outweighs potential side effects – Wegovy’s demand quickly exceeded supply after the FDA approved once-weekly semaglutide injections.

Survey from Qualio Finds 50%+ of U.S. Consumers Refuse To Use a Healthcare Prescription or Product After a Recall


Consumers also urge the FDA and other regulators to prioritize public reporting of quality data from life sciences companies.

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Product launch metrics are changing in pharma

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As I See It DTC Spending Marketing to health care professionals Prescription drug DTC marketing Product launchesThe old model of looking at performance in the first six months of product launch isn’t relevant.

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DTC Study: Marketers misaligned with online health seeker needs

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Focus on patients Health information online Prescription drug DTC marketing DTC SurveySUMMARY: People are going online more and more to sarch for health information after seeing a DTC pharma TV spot. Pharma websites are not consdiered a top resource for infromation on new products.

Influencer marketing in pharma

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People are turning to their favorite Instagram stars, Twitter personalities, and YouTubers for advice and recommendations on purchasing decisions, but does this apply to prescription drugs? Prescription drug DTC marketing Influencer Marketing

The discovery of a new and compounding cybersecurity threat to pharmacies

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Sam Crowther, founder and CEO of cybersecurity company Kasada, tells us about a recent discovery his company made that revealed tens of thousands of accounts with prescription drug attachments in major online pharmacies had been compromised.

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Why hasn’t pharma embraced email marketing?

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Prescription drug DTC marketing eMail MarketingSUMMARY : DTC marketers are spending tens of millions of dollars on programmatic ads that are full of fraud and have low click-through rates but they have yet to embrace email marketing which has an average click-through rate of 3.43%.

It’s time to get back to basics in DTC marketing

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DTC Review Health information online Internet Prescription drug DTC marketing DTC MarketingLEAD-IN: “What is the reason to believe?” ” It seems like a simple question, doesn’t it yet?

Um, about that diabetes drug that helped patients lose weight

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Focus on patients in the news Prescription drug DTC marketing Product Launches WegovySUMMARY: According to the NEJM “in participants with overweight or obesity, 2.4

Why TV will continue to be the first choice for DTC

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Today it’s about using the internet to research prescription drugs, and more and more pharma is being left out of that conversation. As I See It Internet Prescription drug DTC marketing TV DTC Ads

What’s the call to action on DTC?

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2wo: Social media, especially Twitter, has become a great source for patients researching prescription drugs. DTC Review Focus on patients Health information online Prescription drug DTC marketing Website Metrics

The complicated ROI measurement for pharma

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The “sales cycle” for prescription drugs has gotten more difficult to measure because of the pandemic. As I See It DTC Spending Prescription drug DTC marketing ROI MeasurementSUMMARY: The LinkedIn team had a unique take on measuring ROI.

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DTC Managers guide to online ads

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Bad practices Book Review Internet Prescription drug DTC marketing Online advertisingKEY POINTS: Winston Churchill once said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

Social media and DTC

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As I See It DTC Spending Health information online Prescription drug DTC marketing Social media and DTC marketersSUMMARY: Social media continues to be used by online health seekers, but there is also a high level of health misinformation.

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Time to rethink the objective of DTC marketing

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Social media is part of our online lives, but too many people believe what they read regarding health information and prescription drugs. Prescription drug DTC marketing DTC Marketing Futures