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Benefits of blockchain in limiting counterfeit drug distribution

European Pharmaceutical Review

While the complexity of distribution networks makes counterfeit detection difficult, the research highlighted a framework for using smart contracts and distributed ledgers to tackle this problem in the drug supply chain. In conclusion, Kordestani et al. In conclusion, Kordestani et al.

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MIT unlocks real-time powder particle size distribution monitoring

European Pharmaceutical Review

Researchers have developed a physics-enhanced autocorrelation-based estimator (PEACE) machine learning algorithm that can extract the particle size distribution (PSD) of a pharmaceutical powder surface from its laser speckle. How was the particle size distribution monitoring algorithm effective? Zhang et al.


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Pharma Distribution: Carving New Ground

Pharmaceutical Commerce

Pharmaceutical distribution today is anything but monolithic. While companies in this space are grappling with issues ranging from inflation and supply chain disruption to workforce scarcity and DSCSA implementation, there’s still plenty of room for smaller players to stake out part of the terrain to call their own.

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AmerisourceBergen's $19.8M deal with U.S. will expand shipments and distribution network of monkeypox meds

Fierce Pharma

will expand shipments and distribution network of monkeypox meds. AmerisourceBergen's $19.8M deal with U.S. Wed, 09/07/2022 - 09:12.

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Asieris Pharmaceuticals’ subsidiary granted drug distribution license

Pharma Leaders

Asieris Pharmaceuticals has announced that its subsidiary, Hainan Yahong pharmaceutical Trading (Hainan Asieris) was granted the drug distribution license by the Hainan Provincial Drug Administration in China. This is expected to boost the quality and brand value of Asieris’s products, and market competitiveness.

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Securing the Supply Chain with Good Distribution Practices


Good distribution practices ensure appropriate physical storage, distribution, and supply chain security, says Siegfried Schmitt, vice president, Technical, at Parexel.

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How to Distribute Content to Doctors (Plus, 7 Tips on Email Marketing to Doctors)

Healthcare Success

Here they are again for your ease of reference: Step 1: Lead Generation that Works Step 2: Define Your Doctor Audience Step 3: Create Content They Want and Need Step 4: Promote and Distribute Your Content Effectively Step 5: Implement Marketing Strategies to Build Doctor Referrals or Direct Sales Step 6: Track, Measure, and Optimize.

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