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My Journey as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep: The Importance of Product Knowledge and Accurate Information

Contrarian Sales Techniques

When I first started working as a pharmaceutical sales representative, I didn't fully understand the importance of product knowledge and accurate information. As a pharmaceutical sales representative, I have received extensive training on the products I represent.

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Unlocking the Power of Product Knowledge: How to Excel at Selling

Contrarian Sales Techniques

But the truth is, without a deep understanding of your product or service, all the sales skills in the world won't help you close the deal. First and foremost, understanding your product or service allows you to better communicate its value to potential customers.


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The Most Most-Overlooked High-Value Medical Sales Skill

Medical Sales Guru

Medical sales requires many skills, such as relationship skills, selling skills, and product knowledge. Medical sales requires many skills, such as relationship skills, selling skills, and product knowledge. But there is one essential skill set that gets little attention. Competency in this area is often assumed.

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Don’t Send Your Medical Sales Resume Without These 4 Must-Haves


1) Product Knowledge Obviously, your employer will fill any product knowledge gaps during the training process, plus they’ll have plenty of information and literature on their products they will provide as the job continues. However, you do need to include your current product knowledge on your resume.

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3 Ways to Optimize Sales Performance and Be Ready for the Coming Boom

Integrity Solutions

Product knowledge and selling skills, by comparison, are much less predictive of sales success. We have to address the whole person by developing the skills, mindset and attitudes as well as the product knowledge, techniques and tools. We’re at a pivotal moment right now, and there’s too much at stake.

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3 Steps to Fair Employee Reward in Pharma


Typically decision makers take into consideration several metrics to calculate the compensation, like general sales against the target, product knowledge followed by the subjective judgment of sales managers, product mix and strike rate. For pharma companies, an incentive can mean higher sales and a more motivated sales force.

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Ready, steady, scale: How to mitigate risks in process scale-up

Pharmaceutical Technology

Data of this kind is essential for what Boulay calls ‘product knowledge.’ We provide a lot of data that gives information, and information gives product knowledge.”. Asked about his advice for pharmaceutical companies approaching scale-up, he believes the future should be all about Quality by Design (QbD).