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New ethical guidance for paediatric clinical trials

European Pharmaceutical Review

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have published initial guidance deliberating how ethical it is for children to take part in research trials. FDA approves first treatment for rare paediatric genetic diseases… The post New ethical guidance for paediatric clinical trials appeared first on European Pharmaceutical Review.

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The Ethical Challenges for Pharmaceutical Marketers in Using AI to Write Marketing Copy or Creative

Pharma Marketing Network

While AI can be a powerful tool for creating effective marketing campaigns, it also poses significant ethical challenges. One of the main ethical concerns with using AI in pharmaceutical marketing is the potential for the technology to perpetuate biases and discrimination. AI Ethics: The Importance of Fairness.” 1) Danks, D. “AI


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Ethical Sales Practices Are Driven By These Business Principles

Integrity Solutions

Some of the most notorious ethical failures in the world have occurred at companies that supposedly prioritized integrity. According to the 2021 Global Business Ethics Survey® , around 1 in 5 U.S. employees said their workplaces had a strong ethical culture in 2020, compared with 1 in 10 who felt that way in 2000.

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Ethical Selling: How to Embrace Transparency and Win More Sales

Integrity Solutions

At a fundamental level, ethical selling is about being transparent — even when it feels risky or uncomfortable. As they weigh purchase options and evaluate vendors, B2B buyers expect sales teams and their companies to behave in ethical ways. . Working with ethical salespeople and companies is a basic requirement among buyers.

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FDA Shares Ethical, Trial Design Considerations for Pediatric Participants

Pharma Leaders

The FDA has published draft guidance outlining an ethical framework for involving children in clinical trials of drugs and devices, as well as trial design considerations.

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AbbVie’s Christopher Boone on RWE’s potential — and its ‘profound ethical dilemmas’


With decades of experience in public health, Boone is leveraging RWE to move the needle within clinical development.

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Staying abreast of regulations with NGS?based viral safety for faster, safer and more ethical lot release of our vaccines

European Pharmaceutical Review

Novavax is particularly sensitive to this matter and is looking for alternatives that will not only benefit the patients but align with a more ethical solution. First, we see a global trend of developing more ethical solutions for the safety testing of biologics. How are regulatory guidelines adapting to this trend?

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