3 Communication Strategies to Increase Trust in Healthcare Providers


The more consumers trust in the healthcare organizations they interact with, the more likely they are to use their services. When patients use healthcare services more often, it means providers have more opportunities to encourage better behaviors that will improve their health.

15 Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Attract Today’s Healthcare Consumer

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Healthcare consumerism has drastically changed the way healthcare professionals need to market and deliver their services. Today’s consumers expect a healthcare experience as innovative and digitally advanced as any other industry. Planning Your Healthcare Marketing Strategies.

Branding Medical and Healthcare Websites with Content


Unique, relevant and quality content will provide the medical and healthcare related business a competitive edge. Certainly, web content is utilized in numerous ways, such as providing articles, blogs, and resources. As this carries on, it provides your company more exposure.

BrightInsight Enhances Digital Health Platform Solution

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Configurable applications address patient and healthcare-provider interfaces, and an analytics dashboard.

Pharmacy Focus Episode 51: Combatting the Opioid Epidemic in the Emergency Medicine Space

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There are some great resources out there to help educate patients and healthcare providers to combat the epidemic, according to Dr. Deutsch.

Using fertility testing to grow a family

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The ability of healthcare providers to leverage accurate, sophisticated and timely diagnostic testing for infertility patients is a crucial part of the patient journey.

Report: Providers are overconfident in their cloud security

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The threats of ransomware and phishing are more prevalent than ever, but not all healthcare providers have appropriately adjusted their strategies to mitigate increasing risk.

Texas sues HHS, claims the agency is trying to turn ERs into abortion clinics

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The attorney general of Texas says the recent federal mandates and guidance issued to healthcare providers to protect abortion access are unconstitutional and conflict with state law.

FlipMD launches physician hiring platform to eliminate recruiting’s ‘spray and pray’ approach

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FlipMD recently launched a recruiting platform designed to help healthcare providers, drugmakers and digital health companies find qualified physicians to fill a variety of roles — whether they’re clinical, nonclinical, full time or part time.

With overdoses skyrocketing, Congress must consider non-opioid alternatives to pain management

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Complementary and integrative healthcare providers, including chiropractic physicians, acupuncturists, and massage therapists, provide effective and safe treatments for pain.

Applying the Power of Storytelling to Sales Conversations

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You will learn how storytelling creates order and structure for a sales call, enhances conversations with healthcare providers, and makes them personalized and memorable. Together we will explore the power of storytelling and techniques for incorporating into your sales training.

Startups must warm up to provider workflows to create effective tech, healthcare CIO says

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Startups should co-develop products with healthcare providers and figure out how to plant themselves into hospitals and clinics’ operating models. Consumer / Employer Daily Health Tech Payers SYN Top Story health IT startups Legacy Community Health operational efficiency Rex Healthcar

Getting the healthcare first impression right through smart pre-care engagement

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The trifecta of increasing consumerism, staff burnout, and deferred care is a fundamental and new challenge that every healthcare provider in the country must overcome.

FDA grants EUA for Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneos vaccine for monkeypox

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The regulatory indicated the healthcare providers to use the vaccine as intradermal injection for people aged 18 years and above, who are at elevated risk for monkeypox infection. The post FDA grants EUA for Bavarian Nordic’s Jynneos vaccine for monkeypox appeared first on Pharmaceutical Business review. Industry News

Is Apple that naive when it comes to compliance?

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The health app will also tell users about potential interactions between medications, and it’s possible to connect with healthcare providers to see a list of past medications, get future updates, or add items to your schedule.

Greece slaps Novartis with €214 million bribery suit

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The Greek state has filed a lawsuit against Novartis , asking for € 214 million in compensation for non-pecuniary damages* the country may have suffered due to alleged illegal payments to government officials and healthcare providers.

Tapping into pharma’s growing opportunities in digital health

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Soaring patient numbers are stretching hospital capacity across the globe, forcing healthcare providers and their partners to think laterally about how to meet the demand without doubling their resources.

Genetic Counselors Insight: Growing Popularity of At Home Testing


with the strongest opinions being on accuracy of the tests and the importance of consulting with a healthcare provider. Overall, if patients choose to use at home testing, Genetic Counselors recommend to always consult with a healthcare professional on the results.

Press Ganey on New Healthcare Consumer Experience Trends

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Since 2019, Press Ganey has gathered patient surveys to produce an annual report of what is driving them to pick one provider over another. Tune in to discover: How the travel industry revolutionized consumer insights and data collection and the path for healthcare to follow suit.

Benefits and Challenges of Telehealth to Consider in Healthcare

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Today, healthcare companies and experts are capitalizing on this technology to refine their services. Hence, telemedicine is here to stay and grow exponentially, be it in local retail clinics or large-scale healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations.

Micro Incentives: Enabling Value-Based Outcomes Outside of VBC Contracts

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A well-designed micro-incentive program can drive high-quality, cost-conscious care by rewarding a physician or healthcare provider for taking a specific action. It’s well-accepted that value-based care (VBC) provides a pathway to more affordable, efficient, and higher-value healthcare.

Diversity Training and Education Among MD’s and Residents: Part 1


Over the next few weeks, we will publish and discuss the various results and analysis of these surveys and the impact diversity training and conversation has on the healthcare environment today. Provide an unbiased medical care to the patients and build a sense of trust with them.

8 Ways to Enhance the Patient Experience & Drive Leads with QR Codes

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We know that today’s healthcare consumers want instant and accessible services. . The QR code allows hospitals and healthcare providers to satisfy this need with immediate physician-patient interaction and engagement – all through smartphones and tablets. .

Leads 94

Improving Patient Portal Engagement with Pharma Content


Following the impact of the COVID pandemic in 2020, patient engagement has become the focus area for more than half of healthcare chief information officers (CIOs). Providing Alternative Treatment Suggestions.

Pharma dodges a bullet, for now

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Unresolved issues include the kinds of medicines that would be covered and whether negotiation would apply to drugs under Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit, and Part B, which covers healthcare providers” services and outpatient care. Cost of healthcare in the U.S.

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Fireside Chat with Dr. Luca Dezzani, VP, US Oncology Medical Affairs at Johnson & Johnson

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Dr. Luca Dezzani VP, US Oncology Medical Affairs Dr. Luca Dezzani is a physician with extensive healthcare experience in clinical practice and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fireside Chat with Marius Rus, Founder of StressLess | Tully

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Marius Rus Founder Marius Rus is a finance and strategy expert turned healthcare entrepreneur. Impetus Digital is the spark behind sustained healthcare stakeholder communication, collaboration, education, and insight synthesis.

Amazon’s big gamble

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Quick Read: Amazon will dramatically expand its healthcare reach with its planned $3.9 billion acquisition of One Medical, a primary care provider with 188 offices in 25 markets nationwide but are they making a strategic move or a mistake?

Embracing digitalization in the pharmaceutical supply chain

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The COVID-19 pandemic triggered significant changes to the way healthcare operates. According to Tom Lenaerts, Head of Global Process Engineering at Datwyler, this transformation will reshape the entire healthcare ecosystem.

ESG Top Trends: Healthcare ESG Impact

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All aspects of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) are important, and in the healthcare industry, companies must excel across all three. Listed below are the impact of ESG on healthcare, as identified by GlobalData.

Wego health’s self-serving survey

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Health websites such as WebMD or those by the Mayo Clinic, healthcare providers, and patient advocacy websites were the most trusted” The research I have sat in indicates that this statement is half true.

6 Important Messages When Marketing Healthcare to Gen Z


A new generation is coming of age, which is big news for healthcare marketers. Members of Generation Z, currently in their teens and early 20s, will soon be taking charge of their own healthcare for the first time in their lives.

10 Ways to Attract New Patients from Key Local Employers

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Help Providers Win New Patients from Large Local Businesses with These Tactics. Most healthcare providers have local businesses that are (or could be) a source of new business. These tactics can help providers build brand awareness and increase patient volume.

Stephen Towers, PhD

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Stephen Towers, PhD is a leader in medical communications and healthcare marketing, with extensive experience in developing promotional medical education programs and medical affairs initiatives across numerous therapeutic areas and on behalf of diverse US healthcare organizations, from large pharmaceutical companies to smaller biotechs.

How to Deal With Angry Patients

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When patients take their grievances out on their healthcare provider, it can be frustrating—not only for the provider but also for the administration. More than ever before, healthcare organizations have to worry about the threat of legal action. .

Does CVS have a crystal ball into the future?

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And in the case of the pharmaceutical retailer, that’s healthcare. Your local CVS will be turned into “destinations that offer a range of healthcare services, from flu shots to diagnostic tests,” according to the company’s news release. Healthcare in theU.S.S

Fatique and frustration over COVID

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In a time where healthcare is top-of-mind, this isn’t surprising. Now is a great time to huddle with your agencies to develop new creative that considers changing patient attitudes towards healthcare.

Sorry, the Inflation Bill won’t lower healthcare costs

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The Inflation Reduction Act’s health insurance subsidies and drug pricing reforms will improve health care affordability for Americans but won’t do a damn thing for our overall healthcare costs, which will keep rising. A staggering 85% of healthcare costs in the U.S.

Online health information: The game has changed

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” While telehealth tends to increase with COVID spread, patients rarely have the opportunity to ask general health questions from their healthcare provider.

Fireside Chat with Robert Kaul, Founder, CEO & President of Cloud DX

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Robert Kaul , Founder, CEO & President of Cloud DX , will sit down with Natalie Yeadon , Co-founder & CEO of Impetus Digital , in this live episode of Healthcare Goes Digital.