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Feds Warn Healthcare Providers About ‘Obscure’ Ransomware Gang

MedCity News

HC3 recently warned healthcare providers about a “relatively unknown” ransomware gang named TimisoaraHackerTeam. The group leverages legitimate software tools like Microsoft’s BitLocker and Jetico’s BestCrypt to deliver its malware.

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How AI can help healthcare providers with patient care management

Clarify Health

From enhancing diagnostic accuracy, to leveraging predictive analytics and developing personalized care plans, to supporting decision making and enhancing patient engagement, the use of AI in healthcare has many promising applications. This, in turn, strengthens market positioning, fosters patient trust, and helps to drive growth.


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Beyond the Scrubs: Understanding Healthcare Providers as People for Increased Engagement


The benefits of adopting a humanized approach to healthcare provider marketing extend across the healthcare spectrum, enhancing engagement rates, brand loyalty, and marketing ROI, while also driving better outcomes for patients.

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How healthcare providers can address challenges with hospital price transparency data

Clarify Health

Many healthcare providers lack the necessary IT systems or resources to implement such infrastructure, leading to additional costs and implementation challenges. Healthcare providers should invest in robust data management systems capable of collecting, storing, and updating pricing information accurately and efficiently.

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How AI can improve the virtual experience for healthcare providers and patients

Impetus Digital

In reality, AI has the ability to make the virtual, non-practical tasks of medical workers easier, while also streamlining online healthcare processes for the average patient. Today, we’ll look at some of the ways that machines can make the business of being healthy that little bit simpler for both healthcare providers and patients alike.

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9 Patient Intake Mistakes Healthcare Providers Make During Acquisition


By tackling these issues head-on, healthcare facilities can not only meet but exceed patient expectations, ensuring a reputation for excellence in an ever-evolving industry. The post 9 Patient Intake Mistakes Healthcare Providers Make During Acquisition appeared first on Penrod.

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Electronic Health Record Messaging Patterns of Healthcare Providers

Pharmaceutical Commerce

Electronic health record messaging network found to improve communication and lead to better medication adherence.