It’s Time to Humanize the Sales Experience Again

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There’s no denying that there’s been a huge shift in sales in recent years. Many sales leaders—and salespeople themselves—tend to overlook the fact that it takes a sizable mental shift in sellers to stay in the game, especially when the game keeps changing.

# 1 Interview Tip for Getting Jobs in Pharmaceutical Sales

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1 Interview Tip for Getting Jobs in Pharmaceutical Sales. Number 1 Interview Tip for Getting Jobs in Pharmaceutical Sales & Medical Device As pharmaceutical sales recruiters, we are asked everyday what the secret is to getting a job in pharmaceutical sales or medical device sales.

College Senior Breaks into Medical Device Sales with Sophia Gonzales

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You can listen here: [link] You can watch here: [link] Medical Device Sales is known for being very competitive and having a very tough interview process. She didn’t care that some people thought she was too young or not enough sales experience. Medical Device Sales Resources Purchase Guide For Breaking into Medical Device Sales Ebook: [link] New to Medical Device Sales YouTube: [link] New To Medical Device Sales Podcast: [link] New to Medical Device Sales Instagram: [link

Getting Started In A Medical Device Associate Sales Representative Role

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A medical device associate sales representative job is one of the best ways to get started in the industry. Associate sales roles are for those with limited outside sales experience. An ideal candidate may have a couple of years of outside B2B sales experience.

How To Get Hired In Medical Device Sales

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How to get hired in medical device sales? This is a frequent question we get here at Medical Sales Authority. It can be challenging to transition from B2B sales into the medical device space. It is even more difficult without previous sales experience.

The 2022 Field Sales Benchmark Report is Now Available

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The 2022 Field Sales Benchmark Report is now available! This second annual survey by Map My Customers reveals the state of the field sales profession, trends in sales roles, sales time management, key sales statistics, and how technology impacts the way teams operate.

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The Career Path Of A Medical Device Sales Manager

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In this article we cover the career progression of a medical device sales manager. Related: How To Get Into Medical Device Sales. Is Medical Sales A Stable Career? Yes, medical sales offers a stable career path. Sales Career Path. B2B Sales Experience.

Top 5 Best Online Pharma Sales Certification Courses

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Pharmaceutical sales reps play a vital role in the supply chain of healthcare products, and they act as a strong link between final consumers and suppliers. Considering the lucrative nature of pharmaceutical sales, embarking on an online pharmaceutical sales training program is worth it.

How to Get into Software Sales

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Ten years ago, if you had asked us how to get into software sales without software sales experience, we would have told you that it’s close to impossible without starting at the bottom. SaaS vs. Software Sales??? Paths into Software or SaaS Sales.

Life As A Medical Device Clinical Specialist

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A sales rep can only do so much. A seasoned sales rep may become an expert with their product. They could effectively make a sales pitch for the device in their sleep. So in many instances a sales rep can provide training. Related: How To Get Into Medical Sales As A Nurse?

The 5 Best Pharmaceutical Sales Training Programs


Are you looking for that edge to win your first pharmaceutical sales position? Ask any pharma sales veteran, and they’ll likely tell you that sales experience, networking, and persistence are the magic formula. The Five Best Pharmaceutical Sales Training Companies.

Quick Tips On How To Break Into Medical Sales As Told By MedTechVets Mentor, Woody Page


Medical sales is increasingly becoming an area of interest for veterans transitioning to civilian careers. For example, they are not trained on how to speak about how their experience is an asset to them in the corporate world, which makes interviewing difficult.

How to Onboard New AEs


New Account Executives are coming to your company with more sales experience than SDRs. Remember: Even if your new AEs have sales experience, they’re new to selling your product. In order to become effective members of the team, they need to gain familiarity with your company, product, and sales process. On the AE’s first day (or even before), provide a schedule of the onboarding process with details of your sales training program.

How To Use Nursing Experience to Land a Job in Medical Sales

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Are you a nurse looking for a career change or experience outside of the typical nursing field? Consider becoming a medical sales representative. Even without any B2B sales experience, these companies understand how beneficial it is to have medical experience in the industry.

Career Development for Sales Rep

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Is Sales a Good Career? Sales can be an excellent career because salespeople have the opportunity to make money through high commission and sales incentives with the company. Typically, a sales career begins with you promoting product or service of a company to prospects.

Amplifying our strategic commitments to sustainability worldwide


Over 130 million students worldwide use our solutions to enhance their learning and research experience and 48 out of 50 of the top R&D companies work with us to accelerate innovation. Tiffani is also responsible for the Customer Care, Sales Experience and Operations teams.

How to Become a Medical Sales Rep & Build a Successful Career As One

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If so, a career as a medical sales rep is a very good option! Medical sales can be an incredibly lucrative field. A job in medical sales can compensate well due to the amount of medical/engineering expertise required and customer service support that clients need.

7 Things to Look for When Hiring Sales Reps with No Experience


Hiring candidates for entry-level sales positions can feel like a perilous endeavor. Most candidates lack sales experience, and that tends to make hiring managers nervous. Even if a candidate doesn’t have a sales record, there are still plenty of ways to evaluate his or her potential to sell. One of the most exciting things about working with sales reps with no experience is the opportunity to teach them how to sell from the ground up.

Creating a Sales Mindset in Customer Service Settings

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From customer service to marketing to product development, the job of selling is no longer confined to those people working within the sales organization. What Does Mean To Have A Sales Mindset? Changing Mindsets About Sales.

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Capital Equipment King To Medrep Meeting CEO With Peter Skidmore Part 2

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That’s why I got up because to produce the volume that you need to produce to make the money that everyone dreams to make in medical sales, your time is shot. A lot of people get into medical sales, and it’s very important to understand this as reps.

Choosing Between Multiple Job Offers


There are many possible compensation structures for sales jobs : straight salary, salary plus commission, commission only, draw against commission, revenue-based compensation, and several others. Some sales representatives appreciate the security of a base salary, while others are driven by higher commission rates. Based on previous sales experiences, am I reasonably confident that I will be able to make quota? Do the founders seem supportive of the sales team?

Top 3 Medical Device Sales Strategies to Grow Sales in 2021

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Sales teams that relied on meeting face to face with clients and prospects were suddenly forced to reimagine the way they did their job. Entire sales processes were upended, and while some companies faced setbacks, others simply didn’t survive. A Well-Developed Sales Process in Use.

Top 6 Reasons To Be A Medical Sales Representative

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At Medical Sales College, we believe in the power of the medical sales industry. We’ve seen first-hand, thousands of students go through our program and benefit from medical sales. Job Satisfaction – 82% of medical sales representatives are happy with their jobs.

Capital Equipment King To Medrep Meeting CEO With Peter Skidmore Part 1

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Medical sales reps hardly have any time for themselves or their families. But with a new software tool, sales reps are now going to have more than enough time. He spent his career in aesthetics device sales. Medical sales reps are notorious for needing more time.

How 3D Medical Animation Helps Sell Medical Devices

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So, if you’re in medical device sales, get a 3D educational video made for your product that does both a thousand-yard view and an in-depth presentation. Your sales pitch just got that much stronger. Improve the operational or recovery experience for the patient.

10 Fundamental Steps to Building a Strong Professional Medical Sales Resume

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Think of a resume as a first impression, especially in the medical sales industry. Medical Sales College has put together 10 fundamental steps to building a strong medical sales resume to help you land that dream job. 2) List all sales achievements.

Job Tips From Medical Device Sales Pinterest

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It can be challenging to find valuable information on medical device sales. Today, we explore the world of medical device sales Pinterest. The Medical Sales Authority team has compiled a list of the most useful articles on the platform. Medical Device Sales Rep Tips.

5 Terrible Sales Techniques That Are Costing Your Company


Research continually finds them at the bottom of the list of trusted professions , and anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of a bad sales experience will know why. Putting aside the bad eggs who are blatantly conning their way through deals, there are plenty of other poor sales behaviours that put customers off. In truth, my sales career started off reading from a script. Bullying Your Way to a Sale. Active listening is such an integral part of sales.

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How To Prepare For A Sales Interview With No Experience?

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I see the irony of writing the answer to how to prepare for a sales interview with no experience when I already have been selling for some times. How To Manage Your Expectation Before The Sales Job Interview You are about to enter a company's door. Sales Job Interview Technique

Selling to Dentists


These are Tips formulated by a dentist from their own dental practice experiences and working with experienced dental sales reps. You are a sales professional and you can succeed with breaking into medical sales through successful sales to dentists.

Sales Reps, Surgeons, And Social Media With Justin Knott

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How can healthcare practices and medical sales representatives use social media for business growth? Tune in to this episode of The Medical Sales Podcast with your host, Samuel Gbadebo, to learn more. Sales Reps, Surgeons, And Social Media With Justin Knott.

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How to Write an SDR Job Description


At any given time, there are thousands of sales job descriptions on sites like Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter. To attract people who will become sales superstars , you need the job description to fit. If you want to be successful in attracting top sales talent, the theme of the job post needs to be how you’re going to help the candidate grow their career. If you’re open to hiring new SDRs without previous sales experience, signal that explicitly.

How to Navigate a Career Change in Enterprise Sales


It’s a great time to be in enterprise sales. Companies in these industries will thus need skilled salespeople to work on enterprise sales. So if you want to enter enterprise sales , there are many opportunities available to you. The same is true for professionals who are already in enterprise sales, but want to enter a new industry or role. The enterprise sales landscape is rife with opportunities. What really makes you excited about sales?

7 Characteristics of a Good Sales Trainer

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Sales training is essential to an organization's success, and it's a powerful tool for developing the full potential of every sales rep. Not all sales training programs are created equal, however, and the success of a program is due in large part to the individual delivering it. The Brooks Group’s training programs are led by expert sales trainers (aka facilitators) with real sales experience. 7 Characteristics of a Successful Sales Trainer.

Top 7 Traits of Effective Sales Trainers

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If you’re looking to deliver sales training to your sales team, you’ve probably spent a good deal of time researching. Most companies will first determine the areas their team needs training in, then narrow down the sales training firms that they think will deliver the best results. But one factor that is frequently overlooked in the research stage: the actual sales trainer who will be delivering the training. Here are the top 7 traits of effective sales trainers.

Brett St. Clair: Medical Device Associate Sales Rep To Sales Rep With Evolve Your Success

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Brett worked in medical sales as an associate when he felt incomplete because it was not his dream role. So instead, he made this a stepping stone for his career to gain experience, learn more about the medical field through asking more questions to his seniors.

9 Tips for Settling into Your New Sales Job


So, you’ve landed a sales job. Find a top-performing sales representative whose personality seems to mesh well with yours. Try to meet regularly and pick their brain on any issues you experience as a new sales rep. With their permission, you might even shadow them on a sales call or demonstration so you can see how they work. Get to know the key decision-makers within the sales department and company. Sales numbers can be scary.

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Finding The Rhythm Of Sales Success With Justin Lohman

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Sales success is something that all people in the field of sales aspire to. Samuel Gbadebo discusses all things medical sales with Rithm AI cofounder Justin Lohman. Finding The Rhythm Of Sales Success With Justin Lohman. I love sales. You are great at sales.

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Weekly Roundup – Feb 27, 2019


We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams. New Account Executives are coming to your company with more sales experience than SDRs. Find the Best Candidate with These Sales Interview Questions (Megan Ranger of Nimble). The sales rep is a job that requires creative thinking and unconventional approach. How To Optimize Team Performance With Sales Dashboards (James Dillon of Pipedrive).

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Pharma Sales To Med Device CEO: The Jeff Smith Story Part 2

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In this second segment of a two-part interview, serial entrepreneur Jeff Smith shares how he found his passion and mission through pharmaceutical sales. Pharma Sales To Med Device CEO: The Jeff Smith Story Part 2. It was at Kyphon where I did a sales ops job.