How to Distribute Content to Doctors (Plus, 7 Tips on Email Marketing to Doctors)

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Welcome to step four of our “Marketing to Doctors” blog series. market their products and services directly to doctors, physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals. Invest in Email Marketing to Doctors. Doctors are extremely busy.

Marketing to Doctors and Physicians

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Every time I run into someone who is faced with the daunting challenge of marketing to doctors or other healthcare professionals, I giggle empathetically and say, “I feel your pain.”. Get Your Doctors’ Attention Immediately. Doctors are notoriously hard to reach and persuade.

An app can never replace a doctor

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million doctors, nurses, and midwives expected by 2030. Vastaamo has filed for bankruptcy but left many Finns wary of telling doctors personal details, says Joni Siikavirta, a lawyer representing the company’s patients “ No universal standards for storing “emotional data” exist.

Should doctors refuse to treat obese patients?

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IN BRIEF: Doctors are not required to treat obese patients who won’t do anything to lose weight but the problem is more than reminding patients they need to get exercise and drop pounds. The post Should doctors refuse to treat obese patients?

How to Market to Doctors, Physicians, and Other Health Care Professionals

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Marketing to doctors, physicians, surgeons, and other health care professionals can be extremely challenging, complicated, and expensive. What’s more, most doctors work in a hospital or multilocation medical practice, making it even more challenging to identify key decision-makers.

Doctors don’t have time for digital

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QUICK READ: Patients are returning to their doctor’s office, and it’s not uncommon for appointments, or routine visits, to be scheduled weeks or months in advance. As one doctor told me, “they’re acting as nothing has happened in the last year.

How to Increase Doctors’ Pharma Brand Loyalty


Today’s doctors are more digitally present than ever before, and using just one channel isn’t enough to stay top of mind – you need to go multi-channel. Some of the reasons why doctors switch to competing brands are listed below.

What do doctors & HCPs “really” want & expect from salespeople?

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New medical sales representatives frequently ask this important question when selling to doctors and other healthcare professionals: What do doctors want and expect?” New medical sales representatives frequently ask this important question when selling to doctors and other healthcare professionals: What do doctors want and expect?"

Building Trusted Doctor-Patient Relationships Through More Effective Communication

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A study conducted revealed that doctors whose tone was perceived as friendlier and more trustworthy had fewer malpractice suits filed against them. Shelly believes strong doctor-patient communication can lead to better and more accurate treatments for patients.

Voice transcription AI: The future of doctor-patient interactions

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Voice-recognition AI software has the potential to be the rare smartphone app that encourages face-to-face interactions.

Content Marketing for Doctors: How to Create Content They Want & Need

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Welcome to part three of our “Marketing to Doctors” blog series. As mentioned, marketing to doctors can be extremely challenging, complicated, and expensive. This post focuses on content marketing for doctors and why it’s essential for your business.

Can Doctors Train Medical Sales Reps Better


A Medical Sales Rep comes across different doctors, physicians, and pharmacies. Besides, Medical sales reps are the connecting bond between pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Training Medical Sales Reps Through the Doctor’s Perspective.

Episode 60 – The Covid State of Mind of Our Doctors…Our Customers

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This survey gives a unique look into the minds of these doctors and their practices. The post Episode 60 – The Covid State of Mind of Our Doctors…Our Customers appeared first on Medical Device Success - Ideas You Can Put To Work Today! This survey gives a unique look into the minds of these doctors and their practices. Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes. “68% 68% of vaccinated patients were unwilling to wear a mask and started arguments with staff”.

What makes a medical representative most effective in their detailing to doctors?


Reps can develop into helpful resources for their doctors as being a resource, or a trusted advisor enables them to expand their reach and increase the sales of their goods. Doctors regularly need to reschedule appointments because of medical emergencies.

Abridge scores $12.5M, launches AI-powered medical notetaking tool for doctors

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Abridge, a medical conversation AI startup, recently closed an oversubscribed $12.5 million Series A funding round. The company also launched a new app for physicians that listens to visits and creates a near-instant summary that adheres to their prototypical note structure.

Episode 21 Part 3 of 3 – Virtual Trade Shows and Alternatives – What the Doctors Say

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes What do doctors think of this virtual world of events and contacts? In this podcast and video cast, Lisa Bichsel, Lauren Dustman and I interview a multi-specialty panel of 5 doctors to hear what they have to say. The post Episode 21 Part 3 of 3 – Virtual Trade Shows and Alternatives – What the Doctors Say appeared first on Medical Device Success - Ideas You Can Put To Work Today!

Using the Internet to reach doctors, numbers don’t matter. What you have to say and how you say are more important.

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Finally, after the storm of the pandemic, many doctors re suddenly overwhelmed with patients. When using the Internet to reach doctors, numbers don’t matter. The post Using the Internet to reach doctors, numbers don’t matter.

Report: Doctors want health systems to be more involved in maintaining their digital provider profiles

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Providers’ digital profiles must be robust in order to best attract and retain patients, according to a new report. Nearly all providers included in the study said that it is important for the hospitals or health systems that employ them to take a more active role in managing their profiles.

Episode 15 – Patient Builder – A Win for Doctors/Clinics and A Win for Medical Device Companies Trying to Add Value

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Bill and his team have a unique view of the medical device world in that they consult for practices, they act as a provider via ambulatory surgical centers and then they work with the medical device industry by helping industry and doctors work together to maximize technology integration and patient uptake via their Patient Builder tools. Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes Would you attract the attention of your customer if you could offer a way to bring them more patients?

Medical Reps: Don’t Devalue YOUR Time & Relevance When Talking to Doctors

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The post Medical Reps: Don’t Devalue YOUR Time & Relevance When Talking to Doctors first appeared on MEDICAL SALES TRAINING. Video

It’s National Doctors’ Day, But What Is Your Brand Doing to Help Them in Their Work EVERY Day?

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National Doctors’ Day, celebrated on March 30, honors these healthcare professionals for their work and their dedication to their patients and their communities. Perhaps consider celebrating National Doctors’ Day by considering how you can improve your own outreach to them!

10 Ways to Attract New Patients from Key Local Employers

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Doctor Referrals Healthcare Marketing business to business cross referrals healthcare marketing new businessHelp Providers Win New Patients from Large Local Businesses with These Tactics.

Pharma Selling: What Doctors expect from Medical Sales Reps?


Pharma Selling: What Doctors expect from Medical Sales Reps? One major goal of a medical sales representative is to be seen as a valued consultant by Doctors. What are the various sources of information for Doctors & Pharmacists. doctors.

Preventive Care Awareness and Access is Lagging for LGBTQ+ Patients—But Pharma Can Help


When asked which screenings their doctor recommended to them over the past two years, surveyed LGBTQ+ patients listed HIV (30%), sexually transmitted diseases (33%), and depression (25%) as the three most-recommended screening suggestions for all LGBTQ+ patients.

From Volume-to-Value—The Critical Role of EHR


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15 Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Attract Today’s Healthcare Consumer

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Doctors tell patients that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. You cannot simply use the term “orthopaedic surgeon” 100 times throughout your website and hope to rank #1 on Google among all doctors, physicians, and surgeons providing healthcare services in your area.

Healthcare Watch September 2022


Doctor Docs: Doctors Left Concerned After Roe v. Abortion bans have made it a felony to provide or attempt to provide an abortion, meaning doctors and clinics are the ones likely to be charged and tried, rather than individual patients.

Voice is Becoming the Loudest Tool in the Exam Room


HCPs Marketing Strategy Panorama Point of Care Slideshow Old AI artificial intelligence Doctors Physicians point-of-care Voice Technology“Everything is voice activated these days.”

Fewer Prescribers Are Driving NBRx Than You Think—Here’s Why


A recent WriteMD analysis found that of all the doctors who prescribe a given brand-name drug, approximately 20% of them write 80% of the prescriptions. The 80/20 ratio varies by drug and the data sample of the top eight deciles ranges from 15-35% of prescribing doctors.

The Evolution of Media in Medical Education: Introducing HSS Viewpoint


2022 Digital Tactics Feature Articles HCPs Partner Content September blogs Doctors Healio Strategic Solutions medical education PhysiciansMore than ever, physician time is at a premium.

How to Deal With Angry Patients

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Doctor Marketing Patient Experience Physician Marketing active listening body language lessons learned patient feelings problem resolution10 Ways To Deal With Angry Patients and Why You Definitely Should. By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer.

3 Ways to Maximize Medicare Benefits

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Choosing the plan is one thing, finding doctors to approve the amount you need is another. Most doctors across the country accept this , so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a provider. Finding a good doctor to administer general medical services isn’t enough.

Cutting Through the Digital Clutter with Data-Driven Marketing


That has created a different problem: almost 60% of all doctors now feel that they have been recently spammed with digital messaging by at least one pharma company. 2022 Digital Tactics June Marketing Strategy Slideshow Old Data Digital Doctors HCPs marketing plan Patients Physicians

Marketing Medical Equipment in Saskatchewan

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The idea may look overwhelming for marketing medical products, and reaching out to a list of doctors in Saskatoon can be a little challenging since they are always busy with their schedules. It is imperative to understand the list of doctors in Saskatchewan that you are planning to market to.

3 Ways to Grow your Healthcare Practice in 2022

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Today, close to 71% of consumers who have had a pleasant social media service experience with a brand or a doctor’s office visit is likely to recommend it further. Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels.

Healthcare Watch July/August 2022


Doctor Docs: Oncologists React to ASCO Educational Material. 2022 Healthcare Industry Industry News July/August ASCO Beyond Air Doctors Eli Lilly ePA FDA Genentech HCPs Juul migraine oncologists PFAS Pfizer Physicians Spectral MedicalBrand Beat: Juul Fights FDA Ban.

Take Two Tweets and Call Me in the Morning: The Rise of HCP Influencers


2022 HCPs June Marketing Strategy Social Media digital-opinion-leaders Doctors influencers PhysiciansBefore the pandemic, social media influencers were known mainly for projecting beautifully curated lives to sell a broad range of consumer products.

Veradigm® Digital Health Media Works to Message the Right Physicians at the Right Time


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Lead Generation Strategies to Avoid

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Whether looking for a BC physicians and surgeons directory or other doctor directories, looking at reliable third-party data sets can be a big help. This shows the incredible power of strategically optimized blogs for your business or BC doctor’s directory.

Leads 52

Hearing from HCP Influencers


It can also (and I have received hundreds of DMs testifying to this) help their care next time they’re in the doctor’s office. 2022 Feature Articles HCPs June Social Media digital-opinion-leaders Doctors influencers key opinion leaders Physicians