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The biggest waste of digital media spending in pharma

World of DTC Marketing

The post The biggest waste of digital media spending in pharma. She is likely to turn away from sites that seem to be selling something or don’t identify the source of information. And about one-third of health seekers who find relevant information online bring it to their doctor for a final quality check.

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Digital media hiring levels in the pharmaceutical industry rose in June 2022

Pharmaceutical Technology

The proportion of pharmaceutical companies hiring for digital media related positions rose in June 2022 compared with the equivalent month last year, with 49.4% of companies who were hiring for digital media related jobs a year ago and an increase compared to the figure of 43.1% in May 2022. in June 2022.


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Gen Z Loves Libraries

Copyright Clearance Center

If you think that libraries are just for books and that kids today care only about digital media, then you should read a new report from the American Library Association.

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AI will continue to attract investment in near future in the healthcare industry

Pharmaceutical Technology

In this survey-based report tracker, digital media was prioritised as a top current investment target, with 53% of surveyed respondents confirming that their companies are currently investing in this technology. It was followed by AI, social media and big data (Figure 1).

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Health Net Tries To Keep Medi-Cal Members Informed As Medicaid Redeterminations Loom

MedCity News

Health Net’s “Review to Renew” campaign will leverage print and digital media — such as mail, interactive voice response calls, text messages, social media, digital advertisements and posters — to make Medi-Cal members aware of the end of the continuous enrollment requirement and provide them with resources to retain coverage.

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3 Innovative Ways to Empower Patients with Interactive and Educational Ads


But pharma can rely on more innovative ways of using digital media to bring crucial content to prospective patients. Empowerment is a necessary part of any patient experience and digital media can play a pivotal role in expanding access to educational information. References: 1.

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The Value of Mainstream Media in Your Digital Strategy

KBK Communications

We’ve had a lot of questions about mainstream media versus digital media and why to do one over the other. We’ve also been asked how to quantify a media buy.

Media 52