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O2 Tablets- Uses, Benefits and Side Effects (2022)


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Bifilac Tablet Uses, Benefits and Side Effects (2022)


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Drug side effects should be easier to understand

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According to the AMA one of the key reasons for non-adherence is that patients may be frightened of potential side effects. From seeing those side effects experienced by someone else, it may have led them to believe the medication caused those problems.

9 Important Copper T Side Effects


9 Important Copper T Side Effects The Copper T (Copper IUD) is a small, T-shaped piece of copper and soft plastic that is inserted into the uterus.

Merck to Face MDL Regarding Gardasil HPV Vaccine Side Effects

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The multidistrict litigation was sent to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina. Compliance Channel Posts

The Side Effects of Aspirin You Need to Be Aware Of


The Side Effects of Aspirin You Need to Be Aware Of Aspirin is commonly used to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood clot formation in people who are at risk for these events. However, there are many side effects that come with aspirin use.

With abortion access restricted across the U.S., a new diagnostic aims to eliminate birth control's pain points


The hormonal and genetic test developed by Adyn is designed to predict and prevent adverse birth control side effects

Biotech spotlight: Karuna Therapeutics' mission to rejuvenate the field of neuroscience


An effective treatment for psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia might require a holistic approach to avoid serious side effects, says CEO Steve Paul

There are instances when TV (DTC) is NOT a good idea

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OPENING: TV is great at creating awareness, but it can also scare patients away if one of your side effects is “may lead to death.” ” I understand that DTC marketers are in love with TV even though it’s becoming less effective.

Novo’s obesity drug has serious warnings and barriers to overcome

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Can diabetes patients really stay adherent to a drug for 63 weeks in which 85% of patients report GI side effects and will insurance cover the cost? And, like any medication, there is a risk of side effects, some serious.

What DTC marketers can learn from people who refuse vaccines

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The reasons for people refusing vaccines are both safety and side effect concerns, although politics plays a big part as well. The two biggest reasons people refuse a COVID vaccination are side effects and lack of trust in the approval/study process.

Uniqueness if pharma DTC

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Most of the media stories, however, leave out the possible drug side effects, which are serious. Will the target audience see this drug as a solution to losing weight and minimizing side effects?

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What’s the most significant change in DTC?

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Today patients and caregivers want to know more about the product’s side effects and cost, and they also want to hear from current patients. Consumers have changed their shopping behavior due to the pandemic, and some of those changes are relevant for pharma marketers.

Social media and prescription drugs: A study

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QUICK READ: A two-month analysis of social media and prescription drugs found the number one reason online health seekers use social media is to share and ask questions about medication side effects. The posts that led to the highest engagement were around potential side effects.

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Lilly has a new blockbuster

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Mounjaro, Lilly’s new diabetes drug, is sure to be in high demand initially after launch, but patients should be aware of its side effects. Will patients look past those side effects to lose weight? If You’re Short On Time: The U.S.

Online health seekers are having a tough time

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Drug side effects are among the most talked about in social media, and patients are more concerned about side effects. They may not be willing to risk potential side effects like pancreatitis.

DTC as part of an integrated strategy

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The research showed that patients wanted to understand how the drug works and the potential side effects. Patients who experienced side one or more side effects were more likely to delay or stop treatment.

Novartis warns of two patients deaths after dosing with gene therapy Zolgensma

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Liver complications are a known side effect risk of Zolgensma and other genetic medicines that are delivered by engineered viruses. The two deaths reported following treatment with Novartis’s Zolgensma mark the first fatal cases of acute liver failure associated with the gene therapy.

DTC Study: Marketers misaligned with online health seeker needs

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It’s more about weighing the benefit against the potential side effects. Still, we’re finding that people are more interested in potential “side effects,” especially a side effect that compromises their immune system or causes GI upset.

Um, about that diabetes drug that helped patients lose weight

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Wegovy’s most common side effects were gastrointestinal problems, including nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, which 80% of patients reported, according to USA Today. This drug can be effective if patients follow the directions for weight loss.

Influencer marketing in pharma

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Google Trends has reported that the top search terms for Wegovy besides weight loss are “Wegovy cost” and “Wegovy side effects.” People want to know about product costs and, more importantly, product side effects.

What DTC marketers can learn from people who refuse a COVID vaccination

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Concerns about safety, fear of unknown side effects, and misinformation about COVID-19 are some reasons why people may not accept the vaccine. DTC marketers need to be more forthcoming when it comes to drug trials and side effects.

Online health seekers after the pandemic

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Some people complained about side effects, but there were many more questions about when to take medications and how to get help with costs. When it comes to side effects, the most read posts seem to be about side effects that impact “quality of life.”

Unfair balance

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I see that online health seekers are listening to other patients to learn about drug side effects. Based on what I have seen, perhaps it would be best if the fair balance indicated the percentage of people who, in clinical studies, had a particular side effect.

A realistic view of healthcare in 2022

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1ne: The value proposition of prescription drugs still outweighs potential side effects – Wegovy’s demand quickly exceeded supply after the FDA approved once-weekly semaglutide injections.

Can pharma really leverage social media?

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Rather than mentioning the brand, we sent a Tweet with “learn about the side effects of new products to treat psoriasis,” which linked to a page within the product website on side effects.

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There is some really bad DTC on TV

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One consistent learning from ALL the research I have been involved in is that patients pick up when death is listed as a side effect and stay far away from the product. SUMMARY: TV continues to be the dominant channel for DTC advertising.

The debate on DTC marketing is going to heat up again

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3hree: DTC marketing minimizes the side effects of prescription drugs – One of the top pages within prescription drug websites continues to be “safety information.” SUMMARY: DTC marketing is not the reason why prescription drugs cost so much.

Turmoil at FDA or just another day?

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In a third trial, under a revised standard for measuring its effect, it showed minimal benefit. Overall, more patients died or had serious side effects on Nuplazid than after receiving no treatment.

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DTC marketing is an oxymoron

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Product websites are stagnant, and online health seekers are going elsewhere to learn about your medication’s side effects and cost. QUICK READ: More TV DTC spots are airing, but DTC marketers are losing the battle between awareness and conversion because of all the noise online.

DTC is evolving: 10 things you must do

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First, there is the misinformation on the web, and second, there is a fear of drug side effects that are applied because of the drugs used to treat and prevent—the pandemic. SUMMARY : DTC marketing is evolving as patients become more thoughtful about choosing treatment options.

Fingertip Sensor Measures Lithium Levels in Sweat


Used as a treatment for bipolar disorder and depression, lithium requires very accurate and sensitive dosing, with too little providing no therapeutic benefit but slightly too much potentially leading to unwanted side-effects.

Pharma websites need disruption

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In the past, pharma product websites had a huge effect on whether a patient asks for an Rx. Don’t just say the “most common side effects were.” ” let people know how many people what percentage of people reported certain side effects.

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Why DTC isn’t, and is, marketing

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While there is a segment that sees the drug as a “quick fix” to lose weight, others are skeptical and want to know more about side effects and costs.

Are new weight loss drugs an answer or problem?

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It has to persuade patients to sign up for some heinous side effects. Diet and exercise should always be the first choice, but if a drug with serious potential side effects has to be used every week, there are serious drawbacks.

DTC marketers addicted to TV

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They want to know about side effects and costs but “what’s in it for me?” TV creates awareness quickly when you have a big audience, but TV is a waste of money when your audience is small.

The fairytale of DTC TV ads

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A Prevention Magazine study dated had prescription DTC ads as being 7% effective in driving new Rx’s. The pandemic is changing consumer behavior, and there is zero chance they will return to their carefree spending ways.

A scientific approach to irrational consumer choices

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What people seem to be interested in are drug side effects vs. efficacy. College-educated online health seekers understand a “trade-off” between drug side effects and effectiveness, but Millenials want to know more about potential treatments.