October, 2022

Episode 100 – Value Based Care, Data and Scale with Joseph Schulman, Senior VP Enterprise Data and Chief of Information Intelligence

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes. 100 episodes! Hard to believe. Over 64,000 cumulative downloads. Thank you for all your support. you will have to keep listening because there is a lot more to share with you. Today we go back to value-based care from the providers viewpoint.

Growth in Cell and Gene Therapy Market


Biopharma focuses on streamlining biomanufacturing and supply chain issues to drive uptake of cell and gene therapies.

3D Bioprinted Breast Tumors for Immunotherapy Testing


A team of scientists at Penn State has bioprinted breast tumor mimics with significant complexity, including a form of vascularization and the ability to precisely place cells in certain locations within the construct.

5 impactful drug trial failures from the last year


Major recent trial flops and what they mean for companies, patients and the industry

Uncover Hidden Consumer Insights & SEO Opportunities with Google Trends

Healthcare Success

Google Trends is a powerful but underutilized tool that helps healthcare marketers. Conduct search engine optimization (SEO) research, Identify current trends, Find out what people are interested in, And build better, more relevant campaigns.

The Imperative for KAM in Pharma


Over the past decade, macro trends in healthcare have pushed life sciences companies to pursue increasingly sophisticated key account management (KAM) strategies and capabilities to provide unique offerings and value.

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The Future of Pharmaceutical Environmental Monitoring in Europe


A blended approach to newly revised regulatory guidance to inform environmental monitoring programmes is essential.

Video Games to Improve Cognition in Older Adults


Researchers at the University of California San Francisco have developed a suite of video games that have been designed to improve cognition in older adults who are otherwise healthy. The games aim to recreate common activities, such as banging a drum or driving a car.

What’s keeping pharma leaders up at night


C-suite execs in the life sciences share their late-night thoughts including innovation, patient access and market factors

How Novartis Sales Teams Drive Results with Personalized Videos to HCPs


CHALLENGE. In-person access to Health Care Providers (HCPs) was dramatically reduced due to COVID-19, and pharmaceutical sales reps struggled with gaining access and engagement even as things have “returned to normal.”

Understanding the Future Regulatory Concerns of AI in Pharma to Harness Its Full Power


Shepherding a new drug to market is a long, expensive, and uncertain process. On average, it requires 10 to 12 years and $2.6 billion dollars to bring a new drug from discovery to regulatory approval and market launch.

Piramal Pharma Solutions-Walk-In Interviews for M.Sc /B.Sc/ B.Pharm/ B.Tech Chemical On 30th Oct’ 2022

Pharma Pathway

Piramal Pharma Solutions-Walk-In Interviews for M.Sc /B.Sc/ B.Pharm/ B.Tech Chemical On 30th Oct’ 2022. Company Profile: . Piramal Pharma Solutions is the Contract Development and Manufacturing arm of Piramal Pharma Ltd., with operations across North America, Europe and Asia.

The Next Generation of Male Contraceptives


One company reaches beyond traditionally-conceived male contraceptives with Vasalgel, a reversible hydrogel injectable.


Novel Devices to Help Surgeons Sculpt a New Ear


At Johns Hopkins, clinical researchers have developed a set of surgical tools that allow them to more easily create a replacement ear for those born with malformed or missing ears.

Tips for tackling trial recruitment and retention woes in oncology


How new tools are helping companies find and keep cancer patients in clinical studies

Employee Spotlight: Molly Simpson


What is your role within InCrowd? Marketing Director, InCrowd, Inc. What interested you when deciding to join InCrowd? I’ve worked for InCrowd for almost nine years so it’s been a long time since I thought about this.

Calcium Focuses on Race and Healthcare with “I DON’T HAVE A BOX” Campaign


Arising out of Calcium’s DEI initiatives, the healthcare marketing agency has launched the “I DON’T HAVE A BOX” campaign to drive awareness of the “race box” used in health data collection and its shortcomings in capturing true racial and ethnic diversity.

Aspiro Pharma -Walk-In Interviews for Production Department On 28th Oct’ 2022

Pharma Pathway

Aspiro Pharma -Walk-In Interviews for Production Department On 28th Oct’ 2022. Job Description. Greetings from Aspiro Pharma !!! Walk-In Interviews for Production Department On 14th Oct’ 2022 @ Aspiro Pharma . Department: Production. Position: Officer – Sr. Executive/ Operator-Sr. Operator.

The State of Contamination Control


Various advances in contamination control are being utilized to reduce the chance pollutants contaminate a drug product.


Wearable EEG Patch Measures Brain Activity


Researchers at Osaka University in Japan engineered a wearable electroencephalography (EEG) device that can measure brain activity, potentially letting clinicians monitor conditions such as depression or dementia.

A new class of drugs with ‘huge’ potential in the fight against challenging breast cancers


Drug developers have been making headway in treating the most difficult and deadly forms of breast cancer


HCP Perspective on Amazon Care


In September InCrowd surveyed attending physicians, nurses, medical residents and fellows on their thoughts about Amazon Care. Amazon Care was first launched in 2019 with the hopes of providing 24/7 telehealth services and in-person care to customers in the US.

Krystal Biotech’s B-VEC Topical Gene Therapy Shows Promise in Treating Rare Skin Disease


Krystal Biotech, Inc. ,

Chemveda Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd- Walk-In Interviews for Discovery Chemistry Solutions On 28th Aug’ 2022

Pharma Pathway

Chemveda Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd- Walk-In Interviews for Discovery Chemistry Solutions On 28th Aug’ 2022. Job Description. Dear Candidate, We are conducting Walk-In Interviews for multiple positions in Discovery Chemistry Solutions department (CRO) @ Chemveda Life Sciences Pvt.

Choosing the Right CDMO for CGT Programs


Whether biologic manufacturers decide to outsource or develop products internally, the quality of a CDMO partnership is critical to success, especially for cell and gene therapy products.

mRNA Therapy Prevents COVID Virus Entering Cells


Scientists at Oregon State University have developed a new treatment for COVID-19. The technology is based on mRNA, which has also been put to good use in COVID-19 vaccines.

The digital therapeutics revolution is happening and Big Pharma is buying in — with caution


Companies like Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi and BMS are diving into the world of digital therapeutics while recognizing the limitations of the young field

Indegene Acquires CultHealth, a Full Service, Healthcare Marketing Agency to Elevate Brand Experience


The acquisition by ILSL Inc., a subsidiary of Indegene Private Limited, augments Indegene’s commercialization portfolio spanning drug discovery and development to marketing and sales, adding brand strategy, market development capabilities, and patient engagement platforms.

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Top Tips for Optimizing Your Brand’s Performance with Real-World Demand Assessments


Understanding the journeys of healthcare professionals and patients when prescribing and receiving treatments has never been more important.

Laxai Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd -Walk-In Interviews for Synthesis R&D (CRO) 30th Oct’ 2022

Pharma Pathway

Laxai Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd -Walk-In Interviews for Synthesis R&D (CRO) 30th Oct’ 2022. Job Description. Department: Synthesis R&D (CRO). Positions: Chemist/ Senior Chemist/ Research Associate/ Senior Research Associate. Qualification: M.Sc (Organic Chemistry)/ M.Pharma.

FDA Expands Oversight of Cell and Gene Therapies


CBER maps modernization plan to handle surge in research and applications.

FDA 86

Conductive Cotton Thread for Wearable Sensors in Commercial Textiles


Imperial College London researchers created a conductive cotton thread that can undergo a computerized embroidery process for incorporation into commercially produced textiles, such as t-shirts and face masks.

Nobel Prize winner Carolyn Bertozzi on revealing the power of chemistry in drug development


The Stanford researcher and biotech entrepreneur discusses how click and bioorthogonal chemistry could revolutionize drug development


Top-10 Reasons Why You Should be Adding Asynchronous Virtual Touchpoints Between Your Real-time Meetings

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Advisor preference! Let’s jump right in, shall we? After more than two years of pandemic restrictions, many Pharma leaders are itching to meet with their key opinion leaders (KOLs) face-to-face again, believing that’s what most KOLs want.