Medical Sales Presentations: Be Brief, Add Value


Few things are as important as sales presentations for someone working in medical sales. The tricky part lies in crafting the perfect presentation. This balance can be tricky, so follow these useful tips for sales success. How to Present Your Medical Sales Pitch.

Virtual Sales Presentation Tips


Virtual Sales. Virtual Sales. Tips to Ace Your Virtual Sales Presentation. Giving a virtual sales presentation can be nerve-wracking. In this blog post, we will give you tips on how to ace your virtual sales presentation every time! Solutions.

7 Tips for Using Storytelling in Sales Presentations

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Storytelling in sales is a skill—that when used correctly—can be an incredibly powerful way to convince your prospects of the value of your solution. A great story can make a presentation compelling enough for people to act. Here are 7 tips for using storytelling in sales presentations. For a selling application, the hero of your sales reps’ story will likely be a client, and your product or service will solve the challenge the hero faces.

How to Identify Buying Motives to Deliver Killer Sales Presentations

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If your reps can quickly recognize the buying motives of their prospects and customers, they can tailor their sales presentations in a way that will move the buyer into action. . This motive is tied to money: making money, saving money, increasing profit, increasing sales, etc. Have your sales reps use an effective questioning approach (the PROBE step if they’re already trained in the IMPACT Selling® process) to determine what is motivating a buyer’s purchasing decision.

The 5 Critical Guidelines for Sales Presentations that Close Deals 

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There’s nothing more discouraging for your sales reps than to reach the end of a sales presentation and hear, “I have to think it over and get back to you.". That’s why it’s so important they feel confident delivering a convincing sales presentation. . Coach your salespeople to follow these 5 Critical Sales Presentation Guidelines and they’ll be giving presentations that close deals in no time.

How to Sell More with Confidence

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Confidence and Your Sales Job 1.1 Having confidence in selling means knowing your sales abilities and intelligence, and being able to take action to seize opportunities to move the sales process further. Steps to Build Confidence in Sales 2.1 Sales Presentation

Sales Presentations: Focus on Dominant Buying Motives

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The average sales presentation consists of 6-8 features or benefits. Well, when you consider that 24 hours after your presentation, 39% of your prospects remember only one of them, the answer should be very clear. Keep your presentation within the context of what the prospect is specifically interested in, and target it to the primary dominant buying motives. Don't overload your presentation with features and benefits. Presentation Skills

12 Tips to Help Your Reps Deliver a Killer Online Sales Presentation

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Online sales presentations have become a critical part of almost every B2B sales process. Presenting online reduces many of the cost and time barriers associated with traditional in-person presentations, while modern conferencing technology makes it possible to deliver all of the benefits. . Yet modern technology also presents unique challenges to the sales presentation. Not everyone relates to online presentation content in the same way.

Personalized Presentations Give Pharma and Med Tech Reps the Edge to Beat the Competition


Find out how some simple customization techniques can help your sales presentations connect with clients and prospects. The post Personalized Presentations Give Pharma and Med Tech Reps the Edge to Beat the Competition appeared first on MobileLocker.

What are E-Detailers and how can they Benefit Pharma Marketers?


Since the primary source of pharma revenue comes from the sale of newer medication, this traps companies with a limited portfolio of revenue-generating products. Therefore, each presentation session with a KOL or clinician group must be productive and impactful.

6 Sales Pitch Ideas to Better Connect with Prospects


The art of the sales pitch is not easy to master. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a sales pitch that was simply painful to sit through—either because it was boring, pushy, or both. As a sales representative , you want to craft truly compelling pitches.

Episode 41 – Bridging the Virtual Gap – Connecting with Customers on Camera

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Why do we expect our sales teams – people primarily from business or technical backgrounds – to be able to master on their own what professional performers require training on? Julie Hansen is the founder of Performance Sales and Training where she puts her early career experience in television acting to use. After acting, Julie had a successful sales career. While in sales she realized what many sales people were missing in terms of “acting” skills.

3 Challenger Reframe Examples and How to Use Them in a Sales Call

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According to many sources, it’s getting harder for reps to close sales. But experienced reps know that even the hardest objections in sales can be overcome. What is the Challenger sales method, and how do you use reframing, a key challenger tactic, to close a deal?

Vital Content to Include in Your Sales Meeting with Hospitals or Doctors


Sales meetings are an important part of medical sales. This sets an informative tone for the entire meeting, showing them they aren’t going to be sitting through yet another generic sales pitch. These are all questions you can answer in the referrals section of your presentation.

Get Real About Customer Expectations


Although the discussion focus is mainly on sales and meeting quotas in the medical sales world, there’s something else that needs to be covered: customer expectations and experience. After all, the job isn’t done at the end of the sales pitch or when the sales order is placed.

How to Define Your Sales Pipeline Stages (Plus a free template)

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Every industry, business, sales team, and sales process is unique. So each of their sales pipelines should be, too. A sales pipeline stage that fits into the sales process for one product or service may not for another. So what is a sales pipeline?

The Best Mobile Sales Enablement Apps 2022

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Why are successful businesses willing to put so much money into mobile sales enablement tools? Because they know it works — according to statistics from G2’s LearnHub , 76% of organizations see an increase in sales between 6% to 20% due to the use of sales enablement tools.

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Everything You Need to Know About Spotio (Pros & Cons)

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Data visualization, location intelligence , and automation are essential for field sales teams to be as successful as possible. Spotio may be one option that you are considering to help your team manage sales on the go. Mapsly does integrate with several popular sales CRMs.

SPIN Selling – The most effective strategy to become an elite medical sales professional

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How is it that some medical sales professionals consistently outsell their competition? In medical sales training courses, you are taught that a sales call is considered successful if the doctor does most of the talking.

Keywords to Make Your Medical Sales Resume Shine Above Others

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The following are a list of words from A to Z you can use in your medical sales resume. B: budget, budgeted goals, budgeted sales goals, build, B2B, B2C, brand, branding, brand management, business development, business plan. F: field sales, forecast, forecasting.

Talk Less, Sell More – The Golden Rule for Medical Sales

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As a medical sales professional, you often spend weeks or months prospecting new clients in the hopes of getting a short window of their undivided attention. Consequently, research has shown that nearly half of HCPs can envision a world with NO SALES REPS!

2022 Medical Sales Rep Salary

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A medical sales representative is a highly sought-after position. Medical sales rep salaries will change depending on geographic location, experience level, and of course the category of products that are being sold. commission medical sales rep Outside Sales

8 Tips to Staying Motivated After Rejection

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Every medical sales professional understands that rejection is part of the job. Every medical sales professional faces rejection. Do not automatically assume that your failure to close a sale has anything to do with your abilities as a rep.

A day in the life of an SDR


You want to use your mornings to prep for the day, put yourself in a mindset for selling, and gradually ramp up your sales activities. What this looks like will vary from team to team, but in general it’s helpful to use the stand-up as an opportunity to gather important information and get yourself pumped for sales success. 4:30-5:00: Prepare materials for tomorrow’s sales presentations , if necessary. Discover the best sales career opportunities.

13 Things to Expect During the Enterprise Sales Interview Process


The job market for enterprise sales professionals is tough, and you can expect a rigorous interview process. 3) The interviewers will ask you to explain your sales process in the detail. Interviewers want to know all about your sales process: how you prospect , your approach for early conversations, and how you close the deal. 4) You will be asked question about sales metrics in past jobs. How do your numbers compare with other sales reps at your level?

Outside Sales: How to Succeed in 2023


What is outside sales? Face-to-face interaction is what sets outside sales reps apart from their inside selling counterparts. What Is Outside Sales? Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales. What Does An Outside Sales Rep Do? Average Outside Sales Rep Salaries.

6 Strategies Every Door to Door Sales Rep Should Use

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But door-to-door sales is one of the most infamously challenging types of selling. It’s 100% up to you and your sales ability to close the deal. And it likely goes without saying that door to door sales is only used in B2C. Confidence is an essential sales tool.

How to Select the Best AI-Powered Sales Training


Technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), could be the ally you need to create effective training and coaching experiences at scale for your sales representatives. The AI goes a step further by creating customized sales training strategies for every individual sale rep.

Selling to Dentists


These are Tips formulated by a dentist from their own dental practice experiences and working with experienced dental sales reps. You are a sales professional and you can succeed with breaking into medical sales through successful sales to dentists.

40 Experts Discuss What to Include in Daily, Weekly and Monthly Sales Activity Reports


What sales activities should you report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Achieving consistent sales growth for your organization is critical to long-term success. One way companies are doing this is with the use of sales reports. Daily Sales Activity Reports. Sales

How I Sell Bank Products To Customer

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Sales are mostly about human interaction and building relationships but too often, salespeople just follow their natural instinct and believe that sales are all about convincing the buyers on how great their product or service is. A compelling products or services sales presentation 4.

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21 Tips to Grow Medical Sales in 2021

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Multiple surveys have shown that roughly half of physicians no longer do in-person visits with sales reps…and that is before the pandemic! As a medical sales professional looking ahead to 2021, now more than ever it is imperative to evaluate your strategy for the new year.

Everything You Need to Know About SalesRabbit (Pros & Cons)

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You may be tired of hearing the old adage “work smarter, not harder” But in the digital business environment that today’s field sales teams are working in, it is still very relevant. If your team is not utilizing the power of sales tools for mapping or optimizing your sales territory mapping efforts, you can quickly get left behind by your competitors. Specifically for outside B2C sales teams selling door-to-door, SalesRabbit checks off a lot of boxes.

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How to Onboard New AEs


New Account Executives are coming to your company with more sales experience than SDRs. Remember: Even if your new AEs have sales experience, they’re new to selling your product. In order to become effective members of the team, they need to gain familiarity with your company, product, and sales process. On the AE’s first day (or even before), provide a schedule of the onboarding process with details of your sales training program.

The True Cost of a Bad Sales Hire and How to Avoid It


Bad sales hires are expensive. But even highly experienced sales leaders may be surprised to learn just how expensive these bad hires can be. But how much does a bad sales hire really cost? There isn’t a single definition of a bad hire, but there are some common warning signs: The sales person consistently ranks in the bottom 20% of all sales performers, even well after the ramp-up period. The sales person usually (or always) fails to meet quota.

Guidelines for Conducting an Effective SDR Performance Review


If you are prioritizing daily calls, or presentations scheduled, make it a point to review those metrics. You should take the time to provide qualitative feedback about how the SDR handles different parts of the sales process: prospecting, sales presentations, closing, etc. The end of the review is a good opportunity to review how well the SDR has performed in terms of core sales skillsets : prospecting, client communication, data analytics, etc.

7 Things to Look for When Hiring Sales Reps with No Experience


Hiring candidates for entry-level sales positions can feel like a perilous endeavor. Most candidates lack sales experience, and that tends to make hiring managers nervous. Even if a candidate doesn’t have a sales record, there are still plenty of ways to evaluate his or her potential to sell. One of the most exciting things about working with sales reps with no experience is the opportunity to teach them how to sell from the ground up.

8 Personalization Strategies for Boosting Sales


That makes it even harder for sales teams to close deals. There’s no one-size-fits-all sales pitch that will work with every prospect. This information will come in handy as you craft your sales pitch. This will allow you to get to know them so you can tailor a sales presentation to fit their needs and desires. Most sales letters should be no longer than one page. Your relationship doesn’t end after the sale.

Weekly Roundup – Mar 20, 2019


We’ve compiled some of our favorite reads to help you advance in your sales career and build top sales teams. 6 Tips for Improving Your Sales Team’s Customer Service Skills. One thing that nearly every sales team needs to prioritize is constantly improving their customer service skills. How To Nail A Sales Presentation (Mark Lindquist of Mailshake). How To Develop A Winning Sales Mindset: Critical Self Talk VS Pep Talk (Steli Efti of

Sales Effectiveness Tip: Create the Perfect Email Meeting Invite

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Great salespeople should always be looking for ways to improve their sales effectiveness. But as someone who attends a fair amount of vendor sales presentations, I’ve realized the email meeting invitation makes a big impact. Let’s set up a typical scenario and highlight what NOT to do with meeting invitations: Your sales rep has an initial conversation with a prospect. How Sales Reps Should Optimize Email Meeting Invites for Prospects.