September, 2022

The current pharma business model is unsustainable

World of DTC Marketing

Wall Street wants growth, as do investors, but that may be impossible for pharmaceutical companies. In pharma, growth depends on new products with hefty price tags when over 80% of voters want lower costs for their prescription drugs.

Episode 99 – Life Science Women’s Mastermind Group with Shelly O’Donovan, CEO, Authentic Influence Group

Medical Device Success

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes. Fact is, women have more challenges in pursuing their careers than men. In the show notes you will find a link to the McKinsey 2021 report on Women in the Workplace that clearly spells this out.

The 2022 PharmaVoice 100


From standout executives to R&D pioneers — this year’s class of honorees is defining the next era of leadership


The Manufacturing Edge on Path to Market


FDA backs the benefits of adopting continuous manufacturing, a strategy which has accelerated approval and launch timelines, and its Emerging Technology Program could be a helpful tool.

Quiet Quitting Isn’t the Problem. Your Managers Are.

Integrity Solutions

One of the first big workforce catchphrases to go viral after the onset of the pandemic was “The Great Resignation,” as employees began to reevaluate their careers and leave their jobs in record numbers. This max exodus of talent may be slowing down a bit, but it’s far from over.

Motion Sensors to Detect Age-Related Disease


Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland have developed a motion tracking system that is intended to assist in detecting age-related disease in elderly people.

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Episode 98 – Trade Shows and Events, 2023, What you should do. Part 2

Medical Device Success

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes. 2023 is right around the corner. Let’s break that habit of last minute planning for shows and events. To help us start planning for 2023, Lauren and Kimberly are back for part 2 of this two part series.

Entrepreneurs: Vincent Keunen


With his unique platform, the has built a bridge between patients, physicians and researchers around the world

10 Ways to Attract New Patients from Key Local Employers

Healthcare Success

Help Providers Win New Patients from Large Local Businesses with These Tactics. Large or dominant employers in your local communities are excellent targets of opportunity for new patients and cases. Most healthcare providers have local businesses that are (or could be) a source of new business.

5 Ways Your Market Access Strategy Can Create a Better-Connected Patient Experience


Market access stands at the cusp of a golden opportunity to help increase healthcare efficiency, improve outcomes, and transform the patient experience—but only if we’re brave enough to recalibrate our approach.

Surface Coating Rapidly Kills Pathogens, Lasts Months


A team at the University of Michigan has developed a coating for frequently touched surfaces that can rapidly kill a wide array of pathogens, including MRSA and SARS-CoV-2.

Food 92

Fighting Vision Loss: Vabysmo


Use against pair of pathways could pave way for standout in stocked eye disease market.

Aurobindo Pharma-Walk-In Interviews for QA/ QC/ Production/ Packing On 2nd Oct’ 2022

Pharma Pathway

Aurobindo Pharma-Walk-In Interviews for QA/ QC/ Production/ Packing On 2nd Oct’ 2022. Company Profile: Aurobindo Pharma Ltd’ (APL). APL is a growing India multinational pharmaceutical manufacturing firm with turnover of over US$2.8

Elite Teledentistry Companies in the USA

Medico Reach

Teledentistry has made dental services easily accessible to patients. Customers can avail dental services right from their comfort. It includes online consultation via video calls, text messages, or live chat. That’s why the teledentistry industry is gradually evolving.

How to Distribute Content to Doctors (Plus, 7 Tips on Email Marketing to Doctors)

Healthcare Success

Welcome to step four of our “Marketing to Doctors” blog series. This comprehensive playbook is designed to help people in virtually every sector (e.g., healthcare businesses, device and supply companies, SaaS, etc.)

What Physicians Want from Pharma—And Where—During Diagnosis and Treatment


For life sciences commercial teams, effectively engaging physicians and supporting them with education on the evolving science around products and conditions requires a deep understanding of physician content needs and channel preferences.

Face Mask Detects Respiratory Viruses, Alerts User


Scientists at Shanghai Tongji University in China have created a face mask that can alert the wearer to the presence of respiratory viruses in the surrounding environment, including the viruses behind COVID-19 and influenza.

Media 90

Peli BioThermal Introduces Tokyo Service Center

Pharmaceutical Commerce

New facility will focus on company’s temperature-controlled pallet shipper rental program.

Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd-Walk-In Interview for R&D/ Analytical Development/ HR & Admin On 30th Sept’ 2022

Pharma Pathway

Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd-Walk-In Interview for R&D/ Analytical Development/ HR & Admin On 30th Sept’ 2022. Job Description. Walk-In Interview for R&D/ Analytical Development/HR & Admin On 30th Sept’ 2022 @ Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

How Innovative is Your Sales and Marketing Tech Stack?


Today’s increasingly complex business environment requires sales technologies that can keep pace with buyer expectations and demands while supporting the organization’s goals (digitalization, flexible work, etc.) - especially during uncertain times.

CRM 83

Is Your Demand Side Platform (DSP) Ready for the Cookieless Future?


A cookieless future is on the horizon, so marketers across all industries are being forced to rethink their strategies and plan for the future. What does that entail?

The Evolution of Biosimilars from Their Beginning Until Now—And What’s Next


Chrys Kokino has been involved in the biosimilars market prior to the first biosimilar being approved in Europe in 2006.

3D Printed Tablets for Controlled Drug Release


Researchers at the University of the Basque Country have developed a technique that allows them to 3D print pharmaceutical tablets using different types of starch. By modifying the types of starch used and the shape of the tablets, the team can fine-tune drug release to be either rapid or slow.

Why precision medicine could be the next frontier in treating autism


Swiss-based Stalicla is banking on an AI-driven precision medicine discovery platform to deliver needed therapies in the autism space

Aurobindo Pharma-Walk-In Interviews for Quality Control On 29th Sept’ 2022

Pharma Pathway

Aurobindo Pharma-Walk-In Interviews for Quality Control On 29th Sept’ 2022. Company Profile: Aurobindo Pharma Ltd’ (APL). APL is a growing India multinational pharmaceutical manufacturing firm with turnover of over US$2.8

MedTech Marketing 101: Your guide to high-impact campaigns

Clear Pivot

Healthcare technology is advancing at a mind-bending pace. Companies must create unique and reliable products in order to stand out amongst the growing competition. However, while your product is the backbone of your success, you must also successfully market it to buyers.

Internal Brand Planning Sessions on the Impetus InSite Platform®: A Customer Story

Impetus Digital

In this Customer Story, we share how a nephrology brand team approached Impetus Digital for help with streamlining and optimizing their annual brand planning and strategic discussions.

PM360 Announces Winners of 2022 Trailblazer Awards


NEW YORK, NY, September 23, 2022: PM360 , a leading life sciences marketing industry trade publication, announced the winners of their 14 th annual Trailblazer Awards during an event held at Gotham Hall in New York City on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

Pneumatic Assistive Device for People with Disabilities


Researchers at Rice University have developed a pneumatic assistive device for people with disabilities. The technology includes an air pump that is mounted in the wearer’s shoe, providing pneumatic power with each step.

How to Write a 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan (With Template)


Field Sales How To Sales

Sales 83

Ipca Laboratories Ltd- Walk-In Interview for Freshers in Quality Assurance/ Engineering On 1st Oct’ 2022

Pharma Pathway

Ipca Laboratories Ltd- Walk-In Interview for Freshers in Quality Assurance/ Engineering On 1st Oct’ 2022. Job Description. Ipca high brand equity of Domestic & International plant, Manufacturing facilities from the world’ most regulatory bodies.

Advanced Biopharma Manufacturing Key to White House Cancer Moonshot


Administration launches national manufacturing initiative, with aim to reduce US reliance on biomedicine from China and other regions.

Who Really Sustains Net-Zero Results — Managers or Leaders? (Video)


Video discussion with John Dale , Global Energy Practice Lead and Delores (Dee) Conway, Senior Principal. Organizational Transformation decarbonization net-zero lower-carbon

Marketing to Type 2 Diabetes Patients: How Pharma Can Increase Treatment Awareness, Improve Outcomes


The rising prevalence of type 2 diabetes has attracted the attention of many major drugmakers in recent decades, leading to innovations such as novel insulins and easier-to-use glucagon injections.