May, 2022

Mental health apps and services may be doing more harm than good

World of DTC Marketing

Cerebral will stop writing prescriptions for Adderall, Ritalin, and other controlled substances to new ADHD patients as concerns grow about telehealth companies’ prescribing practices.

Episode 90 – How does a CXO contribute to MedTech success with Skender Daerti, CEO, The Clinician Exchange

Medical Device Success

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes. Do you know what a CXO is? Do you know how a CXO can contribute to a company’s prelaunch or commercial launch success? By the end of this podcast you will have answers to both of those questions.

8 Ways to Enhance the Patient Experience & Drive Leads with QR Codes

Healthcare Success

We know that today’s healthcare consumers want instant and accessible services. . The QR code allows hospitals and healthcare providers to satisfy this need with immediate physician-patient interaction and engagement – all through smartphones and tablets. .

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Reaxys User Day 2022: Researcher secrets in the spotlight


In April, Elsevier hosted the first Reaxys User Day to learn from expert users and share best practices. Attendees were also updated on how the expert-curated chemistry database has dramatically upped its ability to streamline R&D.

Literature review: your definitive guide


This is our ultimate guide on how to write a narrative literature review. It forms part of our Research Smarter series. . How do you write a narrative literature review? Researchers worldwide are increasingly reliant on literature reviews.

News Release: Clarify Health Announces Launch of Institute to Democratize Healthcare Research and Insights that Fuel Improvements for Better Care

Clarify Health

The Clarify Health Institute will be a trusted source of knowledge on the quality and efficiency of US healthcare and a driver of transparency across the industry.

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Episode 89 – In the AI C-Suite with Hila Goldman-Aslan, CEO, DIA Imaging Analysis

Medical Device Success

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes. Today, we explore artificial intelligence in ultrasound with our guest, Hila Goldman-Aslan, CEO of DIA Imaging Analysis. There is a lot of learning for professionals in this episode. DIA Imaging Analysis is a company founded by 3 women.

15 Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Attract Today’s Healthcare Consumer

Healthcare Success

Healthcare consumerism has drastically changed the way healthcare professionals need to market and deliver their services. Today’s consumers expect a healthcare experience as innovative and digitally advanced as any other industry.

14 of the Best Sales Books For Every Salesperson

Integrity Solutions

Ask any accomplished business leader today and they will agree that a passion for continued self-development is crucial to personal and professional success.

Amplifying our strategic commitments to sustainability worldwide


Tiffani Shaw, Chief of Staff at Clarivate, discusses how we are amplifying our strategic commitments to driving sustainability worldwide and shares highlights from our 2021 Clarivate sustainability report. About this time last year, we published our first annual sustainability report for Clarivate.

News Release: Clarify Health Wins 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Award for its Healthcare Data Analytics and Value-Based Payments Platform

Clarify Health

Recognition for Clarify’s Value Solution follows recent Series D funding round and strategic acquisition to unlock the promise of value-based care.

Lilly has a new blockbuster

World of DTC Marketing

If You’re Short On Time: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Eli Lilly’s novel treatment for diabetes. The drug led to impressive blood sugar and body weight drops in clinical trials.

Episode 88 – Replay of Driving Sales with Physician Micro-Marketing in MedTech

Medical Device Success

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes. In 2021, Episode 55 was the most downloaded podcast of the year. It was published July 18. Because podcast listeners tend to scroll only so far back to find material to listen to, I felt this episode was very worthy of a replay. Most of my podcasts are evergreen. One difference is that today in the show notes I do have an unlisted link to the RAW YouTube video of this episode. This is great if you want to see the slides. For newer listeners, enjoy!

14 Ways to Reduce Long Patient Wait Times

Healthcare Success

The pandemic fast-tracked the growing notion of healthcare consumerism , spurring several changes in the healthcare industry. These changes include modernizing business processes and focusing on improvements that positively impact patient wait times and appointment times. .

The Ideal Medical Device Sales Personality

Medical Sales Authority

Our readers frequently ask about the ideal medical device sales personality. There is not an optimal personality. Many different types of people find ways to be successful in medical sales. It comes down to leveraging your strengths and developing your weaknesses.

The future of research in Ukraine is under threat


There are more than 65,000 early career researchers in Ukraine. In this blog post, we spotlight the young scientists in the country and the disciplines in which they work. As the devastating effects of the war there continue, the future of research in Ukraine is uncertain.

The FDA now recommends that clinical trial sponsors submit a Race and Ethnicity Diversity Plan

Clarify Health

The FDA’s latest draft guidance on diversity and inclusion in clinical trials. Diversity within the US continues to grow, with four in 10 Americans identifying with a race or ethnic group other than white.

A new era of pharma marketing?

World of DTC Marketing

Just 13% of people trust the pharma companies they interact with. 68% say the interactions feel transactional. Only a third agree that organizations know their communication preferences.

How to Increase Doctors’ Pharma Brand Loyalty


With pharma brands competing more fiercely than ever before, the battle for physicians’ loyalty has intensified. Increasing client retention rates by just 5% can increase earnings by up to 95%.

How to Write an Effective Press Release (Plus Tips for Maximizing Exposure)

Healthcare Success

As more businesses favor social media channels for timely business communications, you may think press releases have become outdated or old-fashioned. You might even ask yourself, “Do we even need press releases anymore?” ” . The answer is an unequivocal “Yes.”

4 tips to improve video feedback during MLR review


Creating digital and video content is becoming a necessity for life sciences companies. . The pandemic has shaken the pharma sales channel and required companies to rethink their digital patient and HCP marketing strategies.

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Want to work at Clarivate? Five tips for today’s job seeker


Thanks to an ever-changing digital landscape, the way people work is evolving. How we go about recruiting and hiring new colleagues is constantly in flux, too.

Ethical Sales Practices Are Driven By These Business Principles

Integrity Solutions

Our founder used to tell a story about an early prospect who once said, “Well which one is it, integrity or selling…because it can’t be both.” ” Thankfully, some of those old stereotypes about selling have gone by the wayside.

Our healthcare system is really screwed up

World of DTC Marketing

A 2015 Commonwealth Fund brie f showed that — before the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act were introduced — the United States had worse outcomes and spent more on health care, primarily because of greater use of medical technology and higher prices, compared to other high-income countries.

Mobile Sales Tools to Level Up Your Growth


There’s no question that today’s world is more mobile than ever. In fact, we are past the tipping point in terms of digital media—the number of global mobile users now exceeds desktop users, and the average adult spends almost three hours a day on a mobile device.

Invenio Imaging Receives CE Mark to Detect Cancer at the Time of Surgery using Artificial Intelligence

Legacy MEDSearch

Invenio Imaging, the leader in intraoperative fresh tissue imaging, announced the CE Mark for the NIO Glioma Reveal image analysis module.

7 Reasons Why RepLite is Your Best Business Medical Sales Partner


Having an excellent sales team is crucial to the success of medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical companies. If you’re looking for the best-tailored contract salesforce solutions, Rep-Lite is here to help you.

Being A Medical Device Rep In 2022

Medical Sales Authority

2022 is a strange time. The world is in a constant state of flux and this is impacting nearly every industry. Inflation is the highest it has been in forty years. The cost of fuel is at an all time high. Supply chain disruptions from the Covid-19 pandemic are still relevant.

3 Differences Between a Sales Pipeline Vs Sales Funnel

Map My Customers

In the world of sales and marketing, there are many terms that companies use to describe what is happening in everyday business, and keeping it all straight can often leave your head spinning. Two terms that are often used are sales pipeline and sales funnel.

As pharma dives deeper into digital, ad fraud is getting worse

World of DTC Marketing

Short on Time? Adalytics r eported that for nine months, billions of ad auctions for space on Gannett’s USA Today website resulted in brands unknowingly getting stuck with their ads running on other Gannett sites — often remote community sites.

Can AI Really Unlock Sales Coaching Opportunities?


At its core, sales coaching focuses on getting the best out of an organization’s sales reps. It involves continuously supporting sales reps’ teams in their crucial revenue-generating tasks.

5 Ways To Become Your Recruiter’s Favorite Candidate

Legacy MEDSearch

When many people start to work with a recruiter, they have no idea what our jobs really entail. Lots of candidates like to assume that we only work on one position opening at a time, talk to a few select candidates, and then place one.

Scott Burrows, Motivational Sales Resilience Speaker 

Scott Burrows

Fold or Go Forward: The Choice is Yours “Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up.” ?

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What’s Ahead for 1st and 3rd party data, Insights, Analytics & Digital Data Video

Pharma Marketing Network

Tune in to this episode of the Pharma Marketing Podcast with Bharti Rai, Novartis VP, Chief Commercial Operations, Insight, Analytics Officer Data & Digital, for a deeper dive into what’s ahead for 1st and 3rd party data, insights, analytics & digital data.